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New (Old) North Stars Jersey Design?


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I was researching the North Stars jersey designs, and looking for action shots of the jerseys, and I came across this design. 


Someone is listing this product on amazon as a Brad Maxwell poster card, or something like that. But the design is interesting. According to NHLUniforms this design was used from 1975-1978. (The green's collar changed after a year, and then names were added.) But the design is showed without the cuffs. 


Maxwell was drafted in 77' so he would have appeared in this design for a single year, but looking at images from the team, it seems to be that they added green cuffs in the 77'-78' season, before scraping the design for the season after the Barons Merger. The Maxwell picture, along with a team photo from VintageMNHockey.com show that the cuffs were added for at least one year!


You can see it best above the suits heads...

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