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20 hours ago, QueenCitySwarm said:

Baltimore is amazing. The red/yellow gradient is an excellent way to incorporate the flag without randomly stuffing it everywhere. That purple jersey is a thing of beauty! The only think I might change is maybe making the helmet stripe purple? I don't know how well that would work, but it might be worth trying. Good work!


18 hours ago, HoopsCoach55 said:

I agree that a purple helmet stripe might be best, maybe using the feather pattern? Also, perhaps a black stripe/yoke on the pants and jerseys for the feather pattern to keep that purple to black look.


Thanks for the feedback!

I tried keeping the purple to black look in all formats, but it was a little too harsh looking.

I've got two new options on the right.

I'm still leaning towards the original, but I'd love to get some input from you guys before I post the next team.


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That Cincy set is spectacular! I love the white helmet! The logo is great too!


Min is good too,its "modern classic" IMO and that's a great happy medium for them. The stripping isn't consistent though. I understand you want WPYPW and that's great, but the purple pants seemed to only have one white strip. So it reads PWPYP.


Ravens look good, but a little flat for me. I like you didn't wedge in the flag somewhere and I like the addition of grey. I think the purple could be a little bright for better contrast against the black, and I think it could use a little more ofthe red to help break it up. It feels a little like the raiders meets 90s Falcons right now. That being said I think you're headed in the right direction and I like the 3rd option for the new home set. 


Super excited to see the rest of this series!

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That Ravens logo is probably the best one I've seen on these boards, as it captures the brooding menace that perfectly reflects the team name.  The uniforms have me less convinced, however.  While it looks fine on the purple alternate, the feather-gradient yoke has an Arena-league feel to them.  As for the helmet, I think the middle one balances the colors the best. 

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

While I work on the Ravens, here's the LA Rams.

My thinking here was to split the difference between the 80's Rams and the 50's Rams, combining bold, modern color blocking with a more retro logo set.

Athletic gold returns, complemented by a new dodger blue.

The primary is a compromise between their 50's and 60's logo and their current ram head. I also created an LA monogram and a vintage-looking leaping ram logo.

Home and road pants could be mixed and matched every once in a while.

C+C appreciated!



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Thanks for the feedback.

Next up, the New York Giants.

This is essentially a modernization of their 1971 uniforms. Striping consistency is restored, with the exception of the home jersey, which remains stripeless.

Grey pants would be worn the majority of the time with this set. White pants could be substituted a few times per year.

The primary logo depicts an interlocking N-Y with a G and the Empire State Building as a backdrop. I figured since 'Giants' probably refers to their skyscrapers, they should have some kind of reference to it in their logo. The red G with a blue border is also consistent with the striping.

A simpler version of the logo appears on the helmet. For some reason, anything but a plain white logo looks weird on their helmet.

C+C is appreciated!



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Holy good god man! That Giants set is spectacular!! The only minor criticism would be the thickness of the logo on the helmet. A little concerned it might get muddy from a distance, but it looks so good I dont even care lol.


Rams set is great too. Pretty standard unis but the vintage font and logo are great!

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On 9/7/2018 at 1:15 PM, GDLions said:

Holy good god man! That Giants set is spectacular!! The only minor criticism would be the thickness of the logo on the helmet. A little concerned it might get muddy from a distance, but it looks so good I dont even care lol.


Rams set is great too. Pretty standard unis but the vintage font and logo are great!


17 hours ago, BellaSpurs said:

Honestly, stop being better than everyone else at this lol. Each one tops the next and per the pattern, giants are now my favorite, a team that I thought didn’t need much and looked good, you found a way to change them and upgrade them too, it’s all been fantastic keep it up!


Thanks guys!


5 minutes ago, RealSkillsAbraham said:

On the rams conept, Todd Gurley is #30, not #28

Must've been thinking of Marshall Faulk. I'll fix it in a sec. I'm not sure why I never double-checked my jersey numbers.

Next up, the Detroit Lions. 

For Detroit, I've attempted to combine elements from their current look and their iconic 90's set.

The Lions have featured a northwestern stripe on their uniforms and a blue-white-blue stripe on their helmets and pants for a large portion of their history.

Because of changing jersey cuts, their sleeve striping was truncated for most of the 90's, creating a new striping pattern. I've attempted to build their new identity around an adjusted version of this stripe that's consistent with the helmet and pants. (If you didn't like the approach to striping consistency I took with the Vikes, you probably won't like this either)

With the exception of the logos, white and silver don't touch. This creates a sharp consistent look across the set.

Silver pants could be worn with the road jersey a couple times per year for a classic look.

The alternate is a modernization of their 60's uniforms, 

The logo combines the blue lion with an old-english D and L.

C+C is appreciated!



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As a Lions fan, I love the home set. Comparing that to the third jersey, it really shows how much white helps make the numbers and striping stand out. I do. however, prefer the third helmet (if you were to add a white outline to the logo and a white stripe in the middle) to the primary one. I'm curious on the road jersey how it'd look if you made the whole sleeve blue and matched the striping pattern to the home. Overall, good stuff.

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Sorry to be so late to the party here, but everything so far is really impressive! Top notch stuff!


Cincy's jersey set is really good, and I like the helmet either way. I love the pants striping. Good number font too. My only suggestion is to add a black pants option for the away and alt. The logo's shape in the bottom left is a bit off, but otherwise solid.


Nothing too far out with Minnesota; the striping is solid, jerseys are solid. Logo is good but I don't like the teeth. IMO, the wordmark could be composed of straight lines like Norse runes.


Baltimore's purple wing striping is really great! The subtlety of the red & yellow is well executed. I think the purple is the strongest jersey there. The black still looks too Raidery, so I'd try purple pants with the original jersey. I like the helmet with the purple stripe. The wordmark retains the Gothic/horrory vibe, so good work there; you ought to put it on the jersey!


The Rams jerseys are exactly as they should be (mid-point blue color is ideal), and the number font really elevates that set. The logo is a good combo of the current and original. I don't like the leaping ram's proportions--its hind legs and torso are too stubby. Good Lakers-esque wordmark.


That NYG logo is PERFECT. Pure quality. The Giants need to adopt that yesterday! I'd like it on the helmet, but the "NY" works... The jerseys look good with gray pants, too, but I prefer the white pants.


Finally, Detroit's jerseys are fine, no changes necessary. The logos are really clever (the alternate logo looks like the Detroit flag!), but I feel there's some execution issues. The curls on the D take up space a bit awkwardly, especially the one with the tail. The alternate logo's head looks too big for its body, and the left front leg is too small compared to the rest. Sorry to be nitpicky!


Really outstanding work! I look forward to seeing your much-needed improvements to TB & JAX.

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Solid series so far...

The Cinci snarling cat logo is really well done and the addition of white to the helmet looks great.

Although I like the contrast in the colours on the Bengals bucket, I much prefer the subtlety of the purple on the Ravens' helmet.

The simplicity of the Rams set is bang-on. 

You've mixed up styles nicely with the classic Giants' look and the Gothic/heraldic Lions' angle. I agree with v, that the D/Lion still needs a bit of polishing/tweaking.

So far...excellent! Looking forward to the rest.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'll be posting updates periodically.


Next up, fresh off their week 1 upset, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

I have to admit, I don't hate their current threads as much as everyone on these boards seems to. I like the addition of silver and the color blocking, but the execution was lacking in a few areas, namely the numbers. So instead of completely scrapping the look, I'm attempting to build off of it.

Sword-like imagery is my main design element here, featured in the striping, numbers, and reinforced in the logos. The logo set is very similar to their current ones, but I think I made some significant improvements. I constructed it with bolder, more organic lines, and I think the skull ended up a lot more menacing and visually interesting. An updated ship logo, originally intended to be the primary, is featured on the pants.

Black is removed from all logos. Orange is relegated to logos-only.

I also put together an all-white set to suit Tampa's climate. White pants could be paired with the red jersey a couple times a year to mix it up.

I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!



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jersey numbers & Fitzmagic
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