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NBA 2050 - Southwest Division (9/1)


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Hello everyone!


Today I will be starting a new concept series here on the boards. 


Welcome to "NBA 2050," where I will be rebranding every current NBA team, as well as creating 6 new expansion franchises (1 in each division), to bump up the number of teams to 36. In this series, I will be testing out new ideas for uniforms; one's that will be not traditional whatsoever. I will also be moving some franchises due to a number of reasons including; climate, market size, and more. Each team will get a new Association, Icon, Statement, and City Edition Uniforms, as well as a new logo. I will be releasing the teams by division, hopefully keeping a steady pace of a division a week.





First up will be the Southwest Division!


- Dallas Mavericks

- Houston Rockets

- Louisiana (prev. NO) Pelicans

- Omaha (prev. OKC) Thunder

- San Antonio Spurs


- Mexico City Eagles


Dallas Mavericks






Houston Rockets






Louisiana Pelicans






Mexico City Eagles






Omaha Thunder






San Antonio Spurs






Thanks for reading, C&C is appreciated!

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Dallas: I like the decision to go back to green and blue, and I like the logo, I would just suggest smoothing the lines of the logo. I'm also not crazy about the Icon uniform.


Houston: The new logo is an improvement, I like the simplicity of the jerseys. I love the statement jersey but I think one jersey should have 'Rockets' on front instead of Houston or H-Town.


Louisiana: Not sure about the change from New Orleans, but Louisiana isn't bad. The mardi gras logo is so incredibly pixelated that it is hard to look at, it is a good idea, but it needs to be cleaned up, the uniform is also pretty boring, I would base it more off of the Pelicans current mardi gras uniform.


Mexico City: I would suggest swapping the white and black in the logo, otherwise the logo is solid. The number font is a little funky for my liking, but it's not terrible. The city jersey is nice. I'd like to see one jersey with 'Eagles' on the front instead of Mexico City.


Omaha: I'm assuming they relocated from OKC which I don't mind, I think Omaha deserves a pro team. The colors and uniforms are perfect, but the logo kinda looks like a D instead of an O to me. I would suggest getting rid of the angle at the top left as well as maybe rounding the corners.


San Antonio: The Spurs logo is great, nice and simple as it should be. The jerseys are also nice and simple, it is a little difficult to read the name and number on the icon uniform with the white with a silver outline though. It's also kinda hard to read the name and numbers on the city jersey, I'd make the numbers silver.


Overall it is a solid start, but there is room to improve. One big thing I noticed is that the numbers are really small, especially on the back of the jersey. I look forward to what you come out with next!

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I clicked on this thread expecting to see some really outside the box, experimental concepts, and while these are very solid designs, this looks more like the NBA in 2020 than 2050.


You've got a unique, interesting theme here, run with it. Make this like a less retina-burning answer to MLB's turn ahead the clock. Maybe the names go below the number in 32 years, maybe the word marks have all been replaced by large, vertical or horizontal logos, maybe all jerseys have a distinct sublimated pattern, and definitely these things are gonna look like wearable billboards in '50. My point being this idea has a ton of room for creativity, so take advantage. 


Great concepts regardless though, and your Louisiana concept is proving that that is the vastly superior name, although the bird in the state is too pixelated. Awesome potential here, thumbs up!

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I like the Omaha jerseys but the logo looks like a "C" instead of an "O."  There's potential there though.


The Spurs branding is really good.


The Houston Rockets logo looks like the H&M clothing logo.  Also, the city jersey nickname could be "Space City" instead of "H-Town" as that is Houston's official nickname.


Either they're a New Orleans team, or they're Louisiana's team.  You'll have to make a choice here.  The mardi gras theme works, but only if they remain the New Orleans Pelicans.


Bringing back a re-worked version of the old 1990s Mavs brand calls back to the days of a perpetually losing franchise.  If I was a Mavericks fan, I'd oppose this.


Should be Águilas de Ciudad México.  Put English on the roadies if you must since they'll be playing in the US or Canada.  Home unis should be en Español.

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