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Yellow Hockey Jerseys


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I know that back in the day, the Kings wore yellow home sets with purple aways, and that the Canucks did the same with yellow and black. But now that things are switched up a bit and teams wear their darks at home, I was wondering.

Do the Bruins and Predators wear their yellow alternate sets at home (as darks) or away (as lights). Or rather, since many teams used to wear their dark dark alts at home and the other team would bring their regular home whites...

When a team in the NHL wears yellow sweaters, do their opponents wear their whites or darks, or do they have a choice of either one?

Any input appreciated.

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Not to bring up a dead topic, but I thought it'd be better recepted than starting an entirely new topic about the same thing again.

Anywho, so in watching the WCoH today, I realized that two teams were wearing yellow jerseys. Also, since this is an NHL-run event, I thought it might pertain to the circumstances. Though, today's events didn't help me at all.

You see, Sweden wore their yellows against Germany, who wore their blacks. So in this case, yellow was treated as a light color.

Then, Canada played the United States, wearing old school yellow sets (which don't looks half as bad as I thought they would). The USA wore their whites. In this case, yellow was treated as a dark color.

Would the league make up its mind? God damn... they take the one thing that confuses me most about hockey jerseys, and make it even more difficult to figure out. BAH.

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The Kings in yellow? The Los Angeles Kings?

Am I missing something here?

Yellow isn't even one of their colors. In fact, up until... oh... I don't remember, but no earlier than 95 did they add a color OTHER than black and silver.

When you say "back in the day", I think waaaaay back.

Anyone enlighten me?

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A long time ago here was this hockey player named Wayne something. He was a pretty good player from what I've heard. He played in a cold, faraway land called Edmonton. There also was another team in another faraway land called Los Angeles. And they had a hockey team too. Called the Kings. And the team's colors were PURPLE and GOLD. And they wore GOLD. jerseys.


Now, follow me here, at around the time of 1988, when Wayne left the land of Edmonton for the land of Los Angeles, the Kings decided to change their logo and colors to black and silver, and the logo looked like the Chevrolet emblem. And they have had black and silver in the color scheme since then.


The Kings also decided that there were people who remembered the times before back and silver. They remembered the GOLD, the PURPLE. So they put PURPLE back into the uniforms.


And there was much rejoicing. The end.

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