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I'm in a Video Game!


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Here's the deal. There's this new series of video game systems coming out called Jakks TV Games, which involves having 5 or so games stored in a controller, which is then plugged directly into the television and playable without need for a separate system. Anywho, most of the games being put out in the earliest stages are old games like Pong, Tetris, and others of that sort. However, Jakks Pacific has also signed a deal with EA and will be releasing copies of Madden 95 and NHL 95 for the new system. My cousin works for a company called Digital Eclipse who will be responsible for tweaking the EA games so that they work on the new platform.

Here's the best part, though. While the NHL signed off the rights to use the National Hockey League and individual team names and logos, the NHLPA did not give its license. Thus, every team needs to be filled with players. My cousin, being the awesome guy he is, managed to write me in as a defender for the Rangers, taking what would have been Brian Leetch's place. Apparently, I'm on the All Star Team as well, also in what would have been Leetch's spot.

So, if anybody ends up buying, or even playing this game, look for #12 Matthew Meehan on the Rangers!

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