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Baseball as Spain's national pastime

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I've been following the forums for a while, but I don't comment that much, only every now and then.
With this thread, I want to have fun answering the following question:
What if baseball, and not football, was Spain's national pastime?
Thanks to OOTP 17, I will try to recreate 100 years of history, beginning in 1902, trying to be as accurate as possible. I will try not to break my brain and keep the game as simply as possible (for example, I understand there are no promotion/relegation system on OOTP, but I don't plan to deal with that until the game reaches the 1920s).
My objective is to recreate the Spanish football league as a baseball league. Real Madrid, Barça, and all of the other teams will exist in this universe, but they'll play baseball instead of football.
I'll design the uniforms myself, but the logos are not my creation. I'll use real football logos and I'll try to adapt some of them to give them a baseball feeling. But the logos are not mine, are mainly taken from Google, Wikipedia, and especially, which is where I got a lot of history & background for this story, plus info of how football uniforms where back at the time.
If this is not permitted, please let me know.
Regarding this 'universe', I haven't designed 100% the timeline of this league. I have an idea of how it might evolve and how I will tackle real events like the 2nd Republic, the Civil War, the Franquismo and so on.
I will explain some of the decisions of the naming of the teams and the format of the competition, as I am trying to recreate the real universe but with a baseball touch. I don't plan to write long posts (I hope this one is the exception), because I'd like to advance at a good pace, but we'll see. This is a totally new experience for me, a completely amateur designer!
So, without further ado, let's begin!
PS. When I write in italics, it means it happened in real life. 
The year is 1902. As baseball is becoming popular in Spain, Juan Padrós, the president of the Madrid baseball team, decides to organize a competition in May to honour the Coronation of King Alfonxo XIII, who is about to became 18 years old and King of Spain. Padrós becomes the organizer of the tournament - La Copa de la Coronación (Coronation Cup). He invites the strongest/most popular teams in Spain at the moment: Barcelona, X Sporting Club (from Barcelona, as well), and Club Vizcaya, from Bilbao.
Each team would play 18 games during May and the best two teams would play a game to decide who takes the trophy home.
Here are the uniforms of the four teams. Only home uniforms as it is the first competition ever to take place in Spain and teams aren't use to that. I'll maybe explain a little bit about them in a next post, but not now, I feel there's a lot of text already.
You might say they look weird for baseball uniforms, but again, this is Spain. They're are going to be similar to fútbol uniforms. There probably won't be wordmarks, just the cap logo & the chest logo. I know in baseball they go in the sleeve, but I feel it's more accurate for Spain if they go near the heart. You'll also see that uniforms are simpler now (its' 1902), but they'll evolve as time goes by.
How I imagine baseball in Spain?
I envision baseball ocuppying a similar role in Spanish society as bullfighting did. I live close to the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, and it reminds me a lot of a baseball stadium, with all the toreros statues around the building.
I think baseball stadiums in Spain would have followed that architechtural tradition and another thing: pasodobles. Pasodoble is a musical style famous in bullfighting, and it's an essential part of bullfighting. It's been part of everyday life in Spain: carnivals, town festivals, etc. It's not that common anymore, but it's popular Spanish music for sure.
Instead of an organist, as they do in the US, in Spanish that role would have been occupied by musical bands. They would play in between innings and would have been part of the baseball show in Spain.
Here's a good example of a music that everybody knows in Spain:
Also, in this universe the Spanish-American War of 1898 never took place. Instead, the relationship between the two countries is better, given that Spain integrates baseball from the Americans instead of football (soccer) from the British.
A little bit about myself:
My name is Carlos and I'm from Murcia, Spain. I'm living and working in Madrid now, but I spent 3 years working in LA, where I became a Dodgers fan (I lived 15 minutes away from Dodger Stadium) and developed my passion for baseball.
C&C always welcome!!

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You’ve peaked my interest with this idea. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

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Interesting. how do you plan to deal with the World Wars and Spanish Civil War? 

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On 9/14/2018 at 11:21 PM, Raptorman415 said:

You’ve peaked my interest with this idea. Can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.


Thanks! :) We'll see how it develops.


On 9/15/2018 at 6:39 PM, CodeG said:

Interesting. how do you plan to deal with the World Wars and Spanish Civil War? 


Well, that's the main problem with OOTP, since you cannot recreate something like that easily in the game. But since Spain remained neutral in both WW, I think I'm going to leave it that way and don't touch anything. Maybe I'll take out foreign players, or at least those whose countries were involved.


With the Spanish Civil War... Well, I still haven't figured it out yet. I have a couple options: remove all teams from the league and suspend the league for 2 years, which is what happened to football; or create an alternative tournament with fewer team. Something like that happened in real life, although it wasn't official (the country was at war).


On 9/15/2018 at 8:02 PM, TargetToad said:

Or even the Catolonia referendendums


Yeah, we'll see how I deal with that. I haven't thought about that yet, the 21st Century is still far!



Let's advance a little bit!






Things couldn't have been better for Juan Padrós, the president of Madrid CB. His team secures the first spot with a couple games remaining from the league competition. As Barcelona ends in second place, both teams are set to play for the Cup that the Royal House donates. In Madrid, in front of nearly 6000 fans, including the newly coronated King Alfonso XIII, Brazilian pitcher Fernao Romano becomes the star of the day, along 3B Dante González. Madrid wins 6-2 and become the first Spanish champion.


The four teams are happy with the development of the tournament and agree to meet next year to play a similar tournament. The King of Spain agrees to donate another Cup, as he vividly enjoyed the game. The competition will change its name to Copa del Rey Alfonso XIII (King Alfonso XIII's Cup).



When Juan Padrós was organizing the 1902 contest, he sent an invitation to some of the major teams in Spain, including Bilbao BC and Athletic Club, also from Bilbao. They decided to merge provisionally and represent their region, Vizcaya, in the tournament. They competed as Club Vizcaya, but their dissapointing season breaks the agreement. But Padrós manages to convice Juan Jiménez, president of Athletic Club, to compete again in 1903.


The other three teams, Madrid, Barcelona, and XSC, move to new stadiums in order to generate more revenue.


After Vizcaya splits up, Athletic Club inherits its place in the league. It's basically the same team, without the manager and a few players, who returned to Bilbao BC. Here's the uniform change for the 1903 Copa del Rey (it's Athletic Club original uniform before the Vizcaya merge):




C&C always welcome!!

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I know

On 9/14/2018 at 2:10 PM, Carlos Pérez said:

Thanks to OOTP 17, I will try to recreate 100 years of history, beginning in 1902, trying to be as accurate as possible. I will try not to break my brain and keep the game as simply as possible (for example, I understand there are no promotion/relegation system on OOTP, but I don't plan to deal with that until the game reaches the 1920s).


I know that OOTP 18 does have the Promotion/Relegation system. You may want to look into it or OOTP 19 if you want to do that.


I like your series by the way.

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13 hours ago, Matthew24 said:

I know

I know that OOTP 18 does have the Promotion/Relegation system. You may want to look into it or OOTP 19 if you want to do that.


I like your series by the way.


Thanks :) I'll see what I do in 1928-1929. Although in real life that's how Spanish soccer works, I don't know if I'm going to follow that. I like Divisions like the NFL or the MLB, with 4 or 5 teams. I'd like to implement that in Spain, but we'll see how the league grows until that point.


Let's advance!


Remember C&C welcome :):)







A surprising season ended with X Sporting Club at the top of the table. The team from Barcelona had a pitching duo that dominated the tournament and gave them the right to hold the Cup final at home – Korean Mu-sang Lee and Orlando García, this one born and raised in the Barcelona area.


Madrid was the team who finished second, with Athletic Club (new version of Club Vizcaya) improving their record and Barcelona ending in a disappointing last place.


So X and Madrid meet in the city of Barcelona, at the Velódromo de la Calle Aragón (Aragon St. Velodrome). It was a pitching – batting duel. To answer X’s Mu-sang Lee, Madrid had 4 combined HRs in their starting lineup for the Final.


Romano, Madrid’s starter at last year's Final, bounced back to 2W & 4L this season, but Madrid still managed to finish second and fight for the Cup.


He allowed 2 hits in the first inning and allowed XSC to open the score, but Madrid equalized in the 3rd inning as Romano regained his composture and seemed to stop giving up hits. But in the bottom of the 6th, XSC scored the 2-1 run.


Pinch-hitting for Romano, Dave Guerrero tied the game with a RBI single at the bottom of the 8th. It was only the 2nd hit for Madrid that day. Then, Lee looked weak for a couple at bats. He allowed 2 more hits in that inning as Madrid loaded the bases with 1 out.


But they didn’t score.


In the 9th, LHP Ivan Rios stepped into to the mound for Madrid, but Lorenzo Franco hits a lead-off 2-RBI single to break the tie. Rios got nervous and allowed 5 hits in that inning, and then Contreras hit another RBI to finally kill the game. Madrid couldn’t do nothing on the top of the 9th as Lee completed the game with a 1-2-3 inning.

X Sporting Club were the new Spanish champions!






There’s another team change for next season. X Sporting Club was founded by artists from Barcelona, as a way of enjoying arts and sports. It was kind of a collaboration of different clubs (fencing, jiu-jitsu, soccer, etc), and X was one of them. But the team was professional now and because of that they decide to merge and take advantage of the success of winning the Cup.*




(*In real life, X Sporting Club was the predecessor of current RCD Espanyol. Because of their unexpected triumph in 1903 this universe, I’ve decided to advance that process. A championship is the perfect excuse, isn’t it? Otherwise, the renaming would've taking place in 1909, so we're still good)





The team is basically the same from a playing perspective, they keep all their players, managers, etc. But this allows the club to grow as an entity, something necessary due to the fact that BC Barcelona is the biggest club in the city at the moment.


So, X Sporting Club transforms itself into Club Deportivo Español, and they take their new blue & white colours from the Pendón of Roger de Lauria, an Italian admiral from the Crown of Aragón in the XIV century. They decide to keep the X as the cap logo, as an homage to the 1903 victorious team.



Also, Madrid changes its uniform and includes the emblem of the city in their chest. Now the M will be featured in the cap. They also move to a new stadium.






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Any comments? Let's review 1904 and preview 1905.





So here we are again, 1 year later. The Velódromo de la Calle Aragón. Español vs Madrid.

The League season ended with a 3-game series precisely between Español and Madrid in Barcelona, so it would be their fourth consecutive game in Catalonia. In their 6 meetings in the League, Español had a record of 5-1. They were clearly favorites.


But it was time for Madrid to win. They quickly had a 3-0 lead in a game that ended with a 4-1 victory for the Madrileños, who became champions for their 2nd time. 




No uniform changes for this year, so let's review how the teams look this year. There will be an expansion next year, but more on that after this season ends.



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A weird regular season ended with a tie at the top. Athletic and Madrid played a 3 game series in Lamiako that ended with both teams tied with a 12-6 record. Then they headed to Madrid to play a 19th game to determine who host the Cup. It was Athletic who won that match, so they headed back to Vizcaya to play for the Cup.


So, RHP Kolomon Richter for Madrid vs LHP Ivan Rios for Athletic, who used to play for Madrid three years ago. Although Athletic played at home and finished in 1st place, Madrid looked like a better team.


Rios made an error in the third inning to put Nuñez safe at first with 1 out. Then he walked pitcher Kolomon Richter. With 2 runners on scoring position and two outs, SS Humberto Acebo hits a 2-run triple.


Rios was the protagonist of, perhaps, the best and the worse of his team. He was leading off the bottom of the 6th inning. He hit a fly ball to right field that ended rebounding against the wall. The mess created an opportunity for Rios, who scored an inside the park homer! But then, bad luck got him.


It as 2-1 for Madrid, still. They entered the 7th inning with bases loaded and 0 outs. Pitcher Kolomon Richter hit a 2-run double to put the score 4-1, still nobody out.
Then 5-1 and 6-1 with 1 out.


It was over for Rios. Poor guy. When he played for Madrid, he was blamed for the loss of the 1903 final (he entered as a reliever and lost the game), and now he choked as the starting pitcher for Athletic. Anyway, Madrid became champions for their 3rd time!






After four editions, the teams consider that the competition is a success. Baseball teams in Spain are getting better and request an inclusion in the league. There's only one team that get admitted: Recreativo de Huelva, the oldest club in Spain.


Here's their uniform:






The schedule got weird. I think OOTP went crazy with a 5 team schedule. Let's pretend that travelling to Huelva was more difficult than expected (it's 1905), and given that Barcelona once again was really bad, they decided to end the season like that.


For the first time, it was a Cup final without Madrid. For the second straight year, the Final would be held in Lamiako, which actually is not in Bilbao but in the very close city of Leioa.


After a discrete season, it's Rios again on the mound, folks. That guy is becoming my favorite player. He lost two Cup finals and was pitching his third: redemption, finally?

Pitching for Español, Willie Rivera, former player of Athletic Club.


Athletic scored first, right at the bottom of the first inning. But then Español tied the game in the 2nd. In the fifth, Español scored another run and right after, an error of 2B Escobedo put runners on 3rd and 2nd for Español, and only 1 out. Rios conceded a 2-run single for a 4-1 lead.


That inning ended 6-1, though. It was over for Rios as Athletic send a reliever to the mound in the 7th. The Bilbaínos scored two more runs, but they weren't even close to tie the game. 6-3 for Español, who took its second Spanish title!



C&C welcome :)


Soon, the 1907 season!

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COPA DEL REY XIII 1907 - Preview



The league keeps expanding, and a 6th team was incorporated to the league: Fortuna de Vigo, from Galicia.


As Madrid wears full white as well, Fortuna present a road uniform. This is their set:



Madrid also will wear a road uniform. The full set:



COPA DEL REY XIII 1907 - Review





Now, Spain occupies in this baseball world the same role as Japan nowadays: it's the best international league. So promising Spanish players go to play in the US, and now it looks like some old American players are heading to Spain for a golden retirement.


One of those Americans is Chick Stahl. The 34-year-old used to play for Boston until 1906. In 1907 he signs for Madrid and becomes the league batting champion with a .343 average.


Do you know what happened in real life? He commited suicide. But in the game he's alive, because he moved to Spain.


Anyway, Madrid dominates the season with a 27-3 record and Athletic Club comes in second place. Nice debut for Fortuna as they finish 3rd. I'm actually worried for Barcelona: at this pace they're not going to become the superpower I was expecting...


So, Cup final. Madrid are the hosts and current champions, Athletic the challengers. Rookie John Nickerson, from Canada, is on the mound for Madrid. Vinny Martinez will pitch for Ahtletic.


It's a scoreless game until the top of the 7th inning. Athletic put 2 on base and 0 outs. Chris Perales drove them home safely and the Bilbaínos were up 2-0. The score wouldn't be altered as Athletic became champions for their first time!


*Now something happened here in Madrid. In the real universe, Athletic Club beat Madrid CF in the 1903 soccer Cup final, and this fact inspired some Bilbaínos who were living in Madrid to establish a farm team of Athletic. It was called Athletic Club de Madrid and would eventually become independent from Bilbao and renamed Atlético de Madrid. My OOTP universe has allowed me to do this, although in 1907, which isn't bad.



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You're doing a great job. i would say to take your time with uploading these. Don't rush it, okay?

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On 9/20/2018 at 9:25 PM, Matthew24 said:

You're doing a great job. i would say to take your time with uploading these. Don't rush it, okay?

Thanks man :)


Yeah I feel I'm posting too much but I had pretty much 60% ready before posting. Now it'll take me more time probably ?

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Fortuna gets awarded the 'Real' title by the King and becomes the first LEB club to do so. It won't be the last. Their uniforms doesn't change, only their name and logo, in which you'll see a royal crown:


Also, Madrid presents a new logo. Those who follow football will easily recognize it. Instead of the initials MCF, I changed the F for a B (baseball). With this change of logo, the team decides to wear purple caps (instead of previous white), and a purple road jersey (instead of previous navy). I was thinking about which tone of purple, but for consistency I used the same color as the city emblem. In the future I'll change the tone.








After the 1908 season, there is a rematch of last year final, but with a change of scenario. Athletic and Madrid will play in Lamiako.


On the mound, Vinny Martinez for the home side and rookie of the year 1907 John Nickerson for the visitors.


Both pitchers were amazing until the 5th inning, when Madrid managed to put 2 men on base. Then, an error by Athletic 2B Acebo allowed Guerrero to open the score. The other man on base was pitcher Nickerson, who is becoming a specialist in collecting hits at Cup finals, as he did last year.


One inning later, Santos hits a RBI single to put Madrid up 2-0. Nickerson was dominating the mound, so Madrid were in a very good position.


But in the 8th, CJ Knickle hits a double for Bilbao. Then, Jose Navarro hits a single. With men on the corners, PH Bobby Romero gets a sac fly to put the score 2-1 with 1 out.


Madrid counter-attacked in the 9th inning. 2B John Contreras stepped up to the plate against closer Manny Lechuga. With a 1-1 count, he hits a deep fly ball to left field... for a Home Run!! The first homer ever hit at a Cup final. Madrid is 3-1 now, and we go to the bottom of the ninth.


With 1 out, Rafael Fernandez for Bilbao gets on base thanks to an error of Nelson Hernandez of Madrid at short. In the next at bat, batting champion 2B Humberto Acebo hits a ground ball into center field and Fernandez goes to second. He keeps running as he tries to reach third, but center fielder Danny Zamora throws badly to third and allows Fernandez to score a run for Bilbao. Now it's 3-2 for the Bilbaínos with 1 out, and Acebo representing the tying run in second base.


After that play, Nickerson hits PH Alex Portilla. Two on base for Bilbao and Lamiako stadium goes wild.


PH Antonio Perez is at bat and hits a fly out, but Acebo is safe at third.


Men on the corners, 2 outs. Nickerson is in trouble, but he just needs an out to escape and win the Cup.


1B José Navarro steps up to the plate. He is 2 for 3 tonight, and with a full count, Nickerson walks him and Bilbao load the bases. Madness for Bilbao fans.


Then goes Celestino Ferro as a pinch hit. He's a Brazilian player who has only recorded 2 ABs in the season and 1 hit. The glory is waiting either for him or for Nickerson. He swings at the first pitch and records a pop out to shortstop... and Madrid wins it!!


Let's review the Cup winners:

Madrid - 4 (1902, 1904, 1905, 1908)

Español - 2 (1903, 1906)

Athletic - 1 (1907)


Plus, it looks like Fortuna it's going to be removed from the league. There are a some teams that have turned pro and want to play in the league. Nothing is official yet, but the teams were considering dropping Recreativo and replace them with a team from San Sebastián (Club Ciclista), La Coruña (Deportivo), or Madrid (Español de Madrid). But since Recreativo had a very good season, maybe the teams will kick Fortuna out of the league.


What do you guys think? Club Ciclista will evolve into Real Sociedad, Deportivo is the actual Deportivo de La Coruña, and Español de Madrid disappeared early on, so I don't think it's worth it to make it into the LEB.



C&C welcome! :)

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