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Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos


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7 hours ago, neo_prankster said:

Any clue of what logo could be San Diego's?



6 minutes ago, Magic Dynasty said:

If Memphis is teasing that the red/blue is theirs, then the purple/gold one maybe (even though it’s most likely a crown, it could maybe be a trident)


Funny thing is that when I saw the purple one, first thing came to mind was a tridents so I went straight to SD.

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First four teams released:





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Have to say I am underwhelmed.  Memphis and Atlanta names just seem lazy to me.  I guess you could say that about B’ham too.  The designs are ok, though none are great, but there were so many better name suggestions out there.  Express for Memphis is the worst. With both Elvis and Egypt options they go with a blatant Fed Ex reference?  ATL also is so generic.  It would honestly be better to have Memphis use the crown logo and have Atlanta be the Express with a train reference.  Got to say the UFL did better with the Loco’s, Redwoods, Tuskers, Colonials, Nighthawks, etc.  


Not to toot my own horn, but I honestly think the names and designs I came up with in the alternate history/concepts thread are more original, locally relevant and engaging, and I forced myself to use only non-count nouns for names.  

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1 hour ago, Brian in Boston said:

We have the first four Alliance of American Football team identities:

Atlanta Legends
Birmingham Iron
Memphis Express
Orlando Apollos

FfXNxirm.png  Ks78HGIm.jpg

 40NKYYCm.png  v6yvobum.png


im a former Orlandonian and that place still means a lot to me, so i was really excited to see what they had. i love it — i'll be getting a shirt for sure. it kind of does the same thing as the Magic name, hinting at local reference (Space Coast/Kennedy/Apollo rockets) without being cheesy about it or beating you over the head with the concept, which the Iron is guilty of. its a very smart concept and combination of ideas (Apollo and the O) and well balanced. it will work on both sides of the helmet with Apollo pointing forward when reflected. you've got the orange swatches in there for obvious reasons too, and i see Fraser's hand in it, or at least his influence. its a very strong mark and hard to see any of the other 4 being better. A+ 

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Personally, I prefer animal mascots as opposed to abstract ones. Express, Iron, and Legends are all like that, but... I don't mind. I like them for what they are. The Apollos is the best so far. I hope the teams out west have more animal mascots. I'm still hoping or the San Diego Orcas!


Now I can't wait to see the uniforms and helmets!

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Just read that four names and logos have been announced: Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, 

Birmingham Iron and Atlanta Legends...


Pretty weak! They don't pop. They're PC names. 


Should've been something fans can sink their teeth into, names

that have some character. 


Memphis Pharaohs

Orlando Thunderbolts 

Atlanta Leopards

Birmingham Bulls


For the others, how about:


San Antonio Stallions

San Diego Armada

Utah Pioneers

Arizona Outlaws 


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52 minutes ago, Htown1141 said:

Joe Bosack, with some help from Fraser on some I think


Honestly?  I'm really disappointed with these.  No disrespect intended towards Joe, who normally does fine work, but based on these primaries alone I could rattle off a half dozen members of these boards who probably could've created better primary marks.  Atlanta's branding seems particularly off the mark to me.

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