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Well, after like 3 years of not posting anything on here due to starting college back in the day and other factors of life, I'm glad to be back.


Back in 2015, I attempted to make an MLB redesign topic that was pretty below-average. Now I believe I have a solid template and a better understanding of the history of the MLB, so I'm gonna get back at it again, and do it right.


So first off, lets realign the MLB again:


NL East:

Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins

New York Mets

Washington Nationals


NL North:

Cincinnati Reds

Montréal Expos

Philadelphia Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates


NL Central:

Chicago Cubs

Colorado Rockies

Milwaukee Brewers

St. Louis Cardinals


NL West:

Arizona Diamondbacks

Los Angeles Dodgers

San Diego Padres

San Francisco Giants


AL East:

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees

Tampa Bay Rays


AL North:

Detroit Tigers

Cleveland Indians

Minnesota Twins

Toronto Blue Jays


AL Central:

Chicago White Sox

Houston Astros

Kansas City Royals

Texas Rangers


AL West:

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics

Seattle Mariners

Portland Pioneers


Sweet and simple 32 team realignment. I hope you guys like what I've got in store concept-wise.


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Atlanta Braves


For the Braves primary, I never liked the Braves script as the logo. So I got the old "A" with the tomahawk as the crossbar, and recolored the tomahawk back to the 1957 Milwaukee Braves tomahawk and liked what I saw. I generally don't like standalone letter logos for primary logos, but the Braves have been around for a while and can stand with it. I applied the tomahawk change with the rest of the scripts as well and I gotta say, it looks 10x better than what they have now, IMO.




With the uniforms, I kept it pretty standard as well. The foundations of what the Braves have going on are right on. Double-piped plackets and sleeve lining stay. The southwestern socks come back, as I every other Braves concept, as they should. The home cap becomes the universal cap for the team, as it should be and that's the for the uniforms.




And that sums up the Braves. Simple changes to keep a historically timeless looking team looking, well, timeless. 


Next, I'll take on the Marlins and do something pretty close to a giant overhaul with the Fish.

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Miami Marlins


After a long time trying to create a unique color scheme and logo for the Marlins, the current set began to grow on me. Well, the logo set at least. The colors were harder to pin down but I eventually settled on the teal, black, and orange. The primary is my version of the *Miami* Marlins first primary, with "Miami" being replaced by "Marlins".




For the uniforms, I followed the modern look the Marlins have gone for with something close to the Florida Marlins color balance, with orange being an accent color to make the teal and black pop. The Marlins are also one of the few teams I have selected to not wear a gray away jersey, and instead opt for a colored jersey. The caps stand out from the MLB as well, as I brought back the teal crown/black brim cap of the Marlins good old days.




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New York Mets


For the Mets, there pretty much isn't anything to change logo wise. They nailed it from their beginnings in '62 and have been ballin' out in their classic logos since. Just gotta put them here for the sake of consistency, really.




For the uniforms, the only real change has to be the cap logo. I thought the original insignia from '62-'93 was superior in terms of it's balance, so I brought it back. Classic pinstriped home, placket gray away, and the blue alternate. But besides that, once again, the Mets nailed it in 2014 and they shouldn't look back from here.






After this, I'm gonna wrap up the NL East with the Washington Nationals, or possibly swap the Phillies and Nats in the realignment and in turn, do the Phils.

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