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2019/20 Club Soccer Kits


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It begins...


Barcelona home.


I also have it on good authority that Barca away will be Yellow.


In more 19/20 kit news, Inter Milan away will be white/black with "Tropical Twist" (mint green) socks.


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1 hour ago, Magic Dynasty said:

That looks like a concept, not something they would actually do. Plus, look at the top right - it has the actual current logo there.

It’s not a concept, the club announced the updated crest (which is still pending member approval) earlier today:


There’s also a new exclusive font that hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but can be seen below the crest in the image in that first tweet.

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I like this update. Losing the interior black is a huge improvement, as is shifting the ball up.  The thicker stroke on the ball makes it more legible at smaller sizes. 


I kind of hate to lose the letters, but when you’re that famous you don’t really need the initials.



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According to Mundo Deportivo, Barça’s secondary kit next year will bring back the iconic yellow shirt with blaugrana sash from the late ‘70’s (though possibly with the direction of the sash flipped):


I hope they break up the sash for the sponsor logo, like they did with the vertical stripe on the ‘08-09 away shirt, but nonetheless this should be a fantastic and classic look for them.

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Looks like MLS will be allowing sleeve sponsors starting the next league year (2019) via the Athletic.




Personally, it isn't something I'm too keen on, but it was bound to happen sooner or later, and money does talk. It'll be interesting to see how many teams jump on it immediately once the new season starts.

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