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San Jose Sharks "Concept"


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This is pretty basic, so my apologies if it's been done before.


  1. Current San Jose Sharks primary logo
    • Replace current teal with the original (or close to it) teal
    • Replace orange with the original (or close to it) gray
    • Remove stick
  2. Original San Jose Sharks shoulder logo
    • Replace the gray in the fin with black and replace the black in the fin highlight with gray
  3. Put them on the original San Jose Sharks jerseys




Uniform graphic courtesy of The (Unofficial) NHL Uniform Database.

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I'm a fan of removing the hockey stick, so that turned out well. However, I'm actually a fan of the orange...


Regardless of that, though, the modern logo doesn't seem to match the old jersey set and old sleeve patch.

If you were to modernize the jerseys with a different font or different striping, it might work a bit better!

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