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Throwback Jerseys to Prior Franchise Cities


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This is more of an expansion of a post I made in the Hurricanes' Whaler throwbacks thread. 


But, the idea is simple and am interested in tracking down pictures from the games they were played -- but, what teams have thrown back to a prior city in their franchise history? I am mainly sticking to US big four sports because that's what I know.


Here is the list I made quickly from my memory. 



Los Angeles Dodgers > Brooklyn

Oakland A's > Kansas City & Philadelphia

Atlanta Braves > Milwaukee & Boston

Texas Rangers > Washington

Minnesota Twins > Washington

Baltimore Orioles  > St. Louis



Kansas City Chiefs > Dallas

Tennessee Titans > Houston

Indianapolis Colts > Baltimore

Arizona Cardinals > Chicago



LA Clippers > Buffalo

LA Lakers > Minneapolis

Washington > Chicago/Baltimore

Philadelphia > Syracuse

Detroit > Ft. Wayne

Brooklyn > New Jersey/New York (kind of a stretch)

Sacramento > Rochester/Cincinnati



Carolina > Hartford


Are there any others?


This seems like a fun topic for a new thread ...

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The New Jersey Nets wore New York Nets home throwbacks on several occasions, including in the 2003 Finals.  And they wore road throwbacks a few times in their last season in New Jersey.


Image result for new jersey nets aba throwbacks   Related image

(Though the home New York Nets throwback was a style that the team also wore after it moved to New Jersey.)


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1 hour ago, mr.negative15 said:

This was my fave (I know, not big 4) :lol:




55 minutes ago, kimball said:


Is that the Rapids as the Caribous? That is pretty rad.


54 minutes ago, mr.negative15 said:

Sure is! :) 


Yeah, but they didn't actually PLAY in those unis.   It was just a photo op thing on April Fool's day...


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I'm having trouble finding pictures, but in 2004(-ish?) the Brewers wore Milwaukee Braves throwbacks... against the Braves.

I'm fine without the photo evidence because I hated it.  More recently, they've thrown back to the American Association uniforms, when the Brewers were the Braves top affiliate and patterned their uniforms after their parent club.  I like this much better.


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2 minutes ago, Discrimihater said:

Not to be forgotten, the Brewers have worn Seattle Pilots throwbacks a few times (though not recently)


Twice (1999 and 2000), while the Mariners have done it once (in 2006).1





The Mariners also borrowed the Pilots' sock stripes for the "fauxback" monstrosities alternates.




(Side Note: the Mariners should honor the storied PCL Seattle Rainiers far more than the failed Seattle Pilots and their pre-1993 identity. Leave royal/yellow in the rancid dumpster of history/for the Brewers).


I'm still holding out hope that we get a Pilots vs. Pilots match next year to commemorate the team's 50th anniversary. If it's at Safeco Field, Mariners in the home uniforms and the Brewers in the road set. If it's at Miller Park, do the inverse. Better yet, they can each wear different styles of caps!



1William F. Henderson, Game Worn Guide to Mlb Jerseys: (1970–2015) Seventh Edition (Philadelphia, PA: Aardvark Publishing, 2015), 793, 795, 1384.

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Stars have worn North Stars jerseys on the ice in some capacity on two occasions, though never in game-action.


Modano's last trip to Minnesota as a Dallas Star, he wore a North Stars sweater for a skate around the ice.


The whole Stars team also wore a smattering of different uniforms from franchise history during warm-ups of Modano's jersey retirement game. Not sure if either of these instances count for anything.


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