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NCAA Projection Contest


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Okay, I guess I can safely start a contest now. I've been doing this contest every year for three years now, so... here goes.

Your job is to pick the 8 Division I-A college football teams you think will have the best season according to my point scale. Each game a team plays will either gain or lose them points on the following scale.


Each point scored = 1

At least 300 passing yards = 5

At least 200 rushing yards = 5

Each sack = -1

Each turnover = -1


Less than 150 passing yards allowed = 5

Less than 100 passing yards allowed = 5

Each sack = 1

Each turnover = 1


Win = 5 (10 if shutout)

Loss = -5 (-10 if shutout)

Win over top 25 team:

Ranked higher: 20

Ranked the same: 15

Ranked lower: 10

In addition, if your team plays against a Division I-AA team, your team will receive no points for the win, and will receive double the penalty for the loss. We'll take the best ten games for each team, so each team gets at least one game that won't count, and perhaps as many as four.

Just so that everyone doesn't pick all the best teams, the following restrictions must be followed while picking your team.

  • No more than one team per conference
  • No more than one team in the preseason top 5
  • No more than three teams in the preseason top 15
  • No more than five teams in the preseason top 25
  • No more than five teams from BCS conferences (Notre Dame counts as a BCS team)

The top 25 that will be used during the season is a composite top 25, combining the AP poll and the ESPN poll. Here is the preseason top 25.

1. Southern California

2. Oklahoma

3. Louisiana St

4. Georgia

5. Miami (FL)

6. Florida St

7. Michigan

8. Texas

9. Ohio St

10. West Virginia

11. Florida

12. Kansas St

13. California

14. Tennessee

15. Iowa

16. Clemson

17. Virginia

18. Missouri

19. Auburn

20. Utah

21. Maryland

22. Wisconsin

23. Oregon

24. Purdue

25. Minnesota

To enter, please PM me with your choice of eight teams by Saturday, August 28, 2004 at 3:00 PM EDT. DO NOT post your choices in this thread.

If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to post them in this thread.

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JRod, I think you may be misunderstanding the rules - which is why I wanted entries early, so people had a chance to fix them if they were erroneous. You don't just pick one team, you pick eight. Also, I'll let people change their picks as many times as necessary until Saturday.

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Under 15 hours remain. If you've considered entering but haven't to this point, please, do so now! The deadline, if I may remind you, is 3:00 EDT. mjrbaseball is in, so that brings us up to four people with predictions.

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Okay, the deadline is now past. Now I've decided to be nice, and extend the deadline to 6:30 EDT (that's 3 1/2 hours from now. As always, private message me if you still want to play - I'll accept all PMs that hit my mailbox before 6:30. (As it is, four entries is a bit low).

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