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Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand


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42 minutes ago, DeFrank said:

Couldn't be more apparent that they designed the cap logo first, then realized they needed a "primary mark" so they added a disjointed "iami" and just like random baseball stiching 

This is what I was getting at yesterday. It's like, we have a fish and a fancy script that's kinda maybe okay. Let's just force them to work together! How about a baseball, too?

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24 minutes ago, SilverBullet1929 said:

Wordmark font is a mix of the 1950s Miami Marlins and Havana Sugar Kings wordmarks... I like it way better now knowing it isn't just a rip off the Cardinals wordmark. 


That's a streeeeeeetch.  I kinda can see how the "m" is similar to the "n" in "Kings", and the "a" is kinda like the "a" in "Marlins", but it's also like most other "a"s, and there's not really any other similarities.


I think they drew the Miami script and then just made that other stuff up.  They weren't sitting in a room, staring at those two old jerseys, and figuring out how to "combine" them.

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