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Misc. Highschool Logo Overhauls


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Hello to you all again! I’m pleased to announce that I am returning from a long hiatus from this site. I must admit that full time work has gotten the best of me, but recently I found a little down time to do some design work :D 


Now on to the concept. Recently, I decided to attempt to redesign an awful logo set that belongs to a local highschool, the Selinsgrove Seals. I’ve done these types of threads in the past, and hopefully, if I can find the time to do so, I might try to tackle some more local high schools. I might even take requests and do jersey overhauls as well. But for now, I will simply be presenting logos. 


Selingsgrove has about three logos they use the most, two for athletics, and one for the school in general. To start off, I did the school logo. Here is the original:



I wanted to create a more original monogram. Looking at various seal silhouettes, I discovered by rotating a swimming seal by a few degrees, it looked like it formed the top curve of a “s”. So in my preliminary sketch, I took that idea and ran with it:


My digital version didn’t change much from the sketch, I mainly just cleaned up the edges and tried to make the s ends match more evenly:



Based on this logo, I also came up with these few logo/word mark combos:




Now onto the sport logo overhaul. The Seals seem to alternate between these two options:



In my opinion, neither of them look very seal like. The bottom one is almost reminiscent of a bird, at least that’s what I thought when I first saw it :lol: The main thing I wanted to bring out in my design was a clear seal likeness, or at least a better attempt at it. I also wanted to create a sleek, modern logo that would look good in multiple different applications.

To save time, I created a logo progression chart to show my work from the sketch to the final concept:


Throughout the process, I realized the head was a bit too catlike, and large (not thin enough) compared to my reference. So over time I tried to slim it down and adjust line weight. You’ll probably notice about half way through I adjusted the color scheme as well. I couldn’t find the right balance with trying to incorporate more red, so I reverted to a color scheme that was more similar to the original logo. In the end, here are the final results in application:



Just to “seal” the set, I also came up with a quick color sheet:


That’s all I have for now, my apologies for this novel of a post :lol: Your critiques/comments are welcome and appreciated.



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The S-seal looks nice, but I think you need to smooth out the transition from the seal outline to the S outline.


The sealhead is okay, but I think the bottom half shadow makes it a bit unclear that it's a seal, and it needs whiskers. Also, it really doesn't match the S logo.


I love that silver color! I'd consider promoting that above red.


Good work! Huge improvements over the originals.

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Really glad to see you back! Beforehand, no matter what you’ve already improved the look. First off though, the silver stand still out ig, seeing as there’s no silver in the font or academics logo? Also the seal head, looks like a seal but at the same time isn’t as clear as it should be, it can still be mistaken as some other animal, atleast imo, I think it could. For me the tail and flippers and all that is what really makes seals/ sea lions more unique. I would try a full body logo maybe based on the academic logo, because it’s really good and well made.

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I love the S seal logo! It looks fantastic. My only criticism is that I personally think you should flip the seal and the wave around. Put the seal on the bottom as if he's swimming UP toward the Wave. Right now with the seal swimming downward it feels somewhat "negative" if that makes sense. You should have the seal going/looking up toward a more positive feel, like you're working up to a grander goal. 


Hope that made sense! 

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I really like the seal head. I think that’s pretty well rendered and the subtle whiskers from the shadowing is ok in my books— looks like a seal or at worse an otter to me. What to improve on? The neck, where you cut the logo off, is kinda sloppy to me. The line curves harshly at the bottom into that little swoop thing. I’d rework that into something that flows better with the head.

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