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Canada's LLWS Unis


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If anyone's following Ottawa Ontario's Little League team in the 2004 Little League World Series, they're wearing WHITE shirts with GREEN and black trim and gray pants. Wazzupwithdat? Isn't RED supposed to be Canada's national colour? :flagcanada:

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The official Little League uniforms have never been color co-ordinated to their representative countries' colors since Russell Athletic started making them. If you go back as far as at least 1983, you can see the U.S. Champ out of the West wearing green, gold and white. There are only so many color combos, and sometimes one team will be the negative of the other team. There is no rhyme or reason to assign any particular reason a certian color scheme.

Besides, there are something like 6 regions for the U.S. They can't all wear red, white and blue.

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