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MLS Kits 2019


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Seeing the full kit, that might be tops of the league. Everything about it is brilliant. The collar, the colors, the contrasting shorts, the stripes, just magnificent. Absolutely gorgeous design and I wish more teams used contrasting shorts rather than monochrome. It definitely dresses up the kit and takes it from very good (if it was white top to bottom) to exceptional. Wouldn’t mind seeing an occasional white short to change things up but blue was the right choice.

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47 minutes ago, lilgump said:

It's a shame the Whitecaps and Timbers have really great looks and the Sounders are stuck with the camo pattern. Hopefully next year's version is a little more inspired.

Even if next year’s is entirely bland and uninspired it’ll be a whole lot better than the current camo/paint smudge/dated countertop look.

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8 minutes ago, agentrygraphics said:

If you look at their twitter avatar and the graphics supporting it...it appears those lines are sound waves...it's just odd how they truncated them in the badge.95060040-audio-technology-music-sound-wa


maybe be called the "Nashville Sound". now that I think of it.  too close to Seattle Sounders. so maybe " Nashville Waves".

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1 hour ago, agentrygraphics said:


That "SC" doesn't need to be on a line by itself. I'm irrationally upset by it just kind of sitting in negative space all alone.


Makes it look like a team in Nashville, South Carolina.  SC NASHVILLE on one line would be better than NASHVILLE SC, and much better than having it on 2 lines.

It's a pretty crap crest all around.  I wonder if it means that the club will have yellow jerseys with blue stripes?


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7 hours ago, upperV03 said:

These are the first shots I’ve seen of the full Whitecaps primary kit, including socks:



The socks could’ve used a navy stripe IMO, or preferably the same hoop design that’s on the shirt. This is still the best new kit that’s been released so far, though, followed closely by the Timbers’ new primary.


That. Looks. SO. GOOD.



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2 hours ago, Gothamite said:

Here's a recreation:



Not feeling it.  What is that supposed to be, sound waves?  Headphones?  A dumbbell?


It looks like a traffic sign.


The USL logo right now is miles better than that, why'd they have to go and do this? They had it figured out already and that logo just got completely trashed. I really hope this is some troll or something.


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