Fixing the adidas/NHL19 Digital 6

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God only knows why, but adidas and EA Sports "collaborated" to produce the jerseys of the future for the Original 6 teams. All but 1 of them is objectively terrible in my opinion, so I decided to fix them all, while maintaining the themes of the originals. Here's the product.





The in-game Bruins "concept" or whatever has some really good ideas, but falls flat in execution. The thirteen chest stripes are only seen there, on the chest, and are off center, which creates an imbalance both within the torso and within the jersey at large. This mixes the two, using that thirteen stripe motif in the same kind of format as the arm striping.





Again, the "real" design has a nice idea behind it, but falls flat in execution. Using the full color palette of the Hawks is genius, but doing such a complex striping pattern is idiotic. Here's a solid mix of the two, using every color other than tan in the logo, but keeping the striping simple.





The Wings jersey was passable, but that's only because it played it so safe. It's the 2009 Winter Classic jersey with a different logo. This switches it up a bit, keeping the chest stripe and the thick arm striping, but adding in the three stripes found in the socks on the "real" jersey.





The Habs jersey here was just BEAUTIFUL. If the team actually unveiled that, I would be super happy. It's a great blend of modern and classical, and it just works well. Only thing I'd tweak would be the font, which I did here.





The Rangers are the second worst of the bunch, if you ask me. Every concept designer has the thought of "OoH!1!! I CoUld MaKe ThE lOgO bE tHe StRiPiNg!!11!" at least once, and it always looks bad. This is a compromise between the two, using a horizontal rather than diagonal stripe, and keeping it relatively simple. Nice blend between pushing the limit and holding back.





God, I hate the Leafs' Digital 6 jerseys. I understand the thought, but it's just really poorly executed. This is, again, a compromise between the incredible out-of-the-box style adidas went with and the traditional style the team uses. The leaf striping is on the arms, but regular striping is found everywhere else. The "TORONTO" also jumps out of the logo because why not? If we're being edgy, might as well go for it.


And that's it! I know there's not much buzz around the Digital 6 jerseys, but I figured I'd fix 'em anyways and present some jerseys that push the envelope while keeping it clean. Any thoughts?

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Never thought I'd say this, but the Bruins jersey is my least favorite of these.  Just way too much white there, it doesn't feel like a Bruins jersey.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, I'd be intrigued if the Blackhawks unveiled that jersey IRL.  I am guilty as charged of being a designer who, at one time, thought a Rangers sash jersey would look good, when in truth it was actually a sign that I was bereft of actual good ideas at that time.  The horizontal variant blows the diagonal version out of the water.  On the Leafs jersey, I'm reminded of the Canucks' primaries...except it actually works here.  I don't have many qualms with the '72 Team Canada ripoff, but we all know the Leafs would never go for it IRL.  The Habs, lastly, understated and classy.  Honestly, make the stripes slightly thinner and it would translate better than that early 40's throwback as an alt white.

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