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Lewisville Fighting Farmers logo refresh


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46 minutes ago, walkerws said:

I think you've started out well. He's definitely more stereotypical farmer like. The bottom banners are muddling it up but great first start. I'll definitely be watching to see how you progress. 

How would you suggest fixing that? I could maybe ad the horse again or change the color. Thanks for the comment!

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2 hours ago, 29texan said:

Well, I wasn't expecting to see Lewisville on these boards, but here we are... 


Same! (I'm in Weatherford, btw)


I haven't been around Lewisville in a minute but from what I recall the pitchfork is somewhat iconic. I'd try to keep that element in your redesigns. Saw this on Google search, may help in your decisions:


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Thanks for the comments everyone! This series is really about me trying to improve my logos, and your comments certainly help that. With that said, I’ve decided to move on to another Texas high school, Southlake Carroll. They moved into our district last year (which is bad because they’re really good at everything) and I live really close to that area so I see this logo frequently,2016CarrollTrademarked.jpg

its not that bad, just kinda dated and wonky in some spots.G8nyOWv.png

(also do y’all know how to edit the title of the post?)

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