Cleveland Indians Unveil New Uniform, Cap for 2019

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The Indians and Braves both have Native-themed names and both wear red, white, and blue. Considering the inherently limited nature of designing a baseball uniform? There is going to be some overlap. 


I’m not seeing anything that suggests they were running parallel to each other though. 

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9 hours ago, Ray Lankford said:

What's the difference between the Dodgers wearing a cursive wordmark with block letters on the cap and the Indians doing it?


Absoutely nothing. I said in my list that caps and jerseys don’t need to match in baseball. 


Its just tbag that the jersey is associated with the wahoo cap, so simply replacing it - with ANYTHING - is just a constant reminder that Wahoo is gone. 


if they do a full redesign, then it’s probably better (but not mandatory) to integrate the cap logo with the jersey, so it doesn’t look like anything is missing. 



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On 11/19/2018 at 3:17 PM, Mac the Knife said:


And if it weren't "borrowed" from the Braves?  I'd agree with you.  But damnit, be at least a little original in your branding.

The Indians first used an "Indians" script on their home jerseys in 1946. The Braves first used a "Braves" script on their home jerseys in... 1946.


The Indians wore script from 1946 through 1957, recording 10 straight winning seasons, winning 90 games seven times, winning two pennants and a World Series, and notching nine other seasons where they finished closer than 10 games back of first place.


From 1958 through 1993, when the Tribe didn't wear script, they recorded eight total seasons with a winning record, never won 90 games, and finished within 10 games of first place once (in 1959).


It's a much easier explanation that, in 1994, the Indians chose a uniform style that reflected the franchise's golden age (particularly when the club had been so bereft of any success in the 35-40 years since they pivoted away from a script jersey) than because they wanted to "borrow" a uniform element from another club.


All of this ignores that the two scripts are rendered in very different styles.

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I've never once thought that the Braves and Indians scripts were similar.

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2 minutes ago, BringBackTheVet said:

I don't see any connection between Cleveland's script and the Braves.


True. The latter performed a beautiful modernization of the classic script (in both print and jersey styles):




The former gave into the “uncanny valley”/bulbous aesthetic of the Phillies’ contemporary redesign, resulting in a downgrade. I’m using the 1940s and 1950s variants of the Cleveland script, to illustrate the separate influences:






Also, the Braves made a better attempt at a matching road script.





I’d say they’re fairly different.

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