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AAF Helmet/Uni Tweaks


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I generally like what the AAF has done with their initial 8 franchises, but I would make some tweaks to each design.  Starting with helmets, here is what I have done:


1. No helmets have a logo on one side and a numbe on the other.  What you see on the side image is on both sides. 

2. ATLANTA:  Added white to log, added the player # and ATL to the stripe (I will remove it from the jersey) and opted for a purple facemask.

3. B'HAM:  Added the logo to each side and changed the main stripe to be a 2-grey stripe with hexbolts inserted for a "mechanical" effect.

4. MEMPHIS: Swapped the blue facemask for white.

4. ORLANDO: Only change is a reduction in size of the number on the back. 



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And in the West:


1. ARIZONA:  Retilted the logo and have it on both sides.  Added a number effect on the back to match the front.

2. SALT LAKE:  Went with the full horse head logo instead of just the mane.

3. SAN ANTONIO: Focus is on the Alamo shade.  Removed the logo and used numbers on both sides.   Removed the SA secondary logo. 

4. SAN DIEGO: No significant changes.


Uniforms are next (as I find time to work on them.  They will take more time. 



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First up for the uniform redux is Atlanta (alphabetical in the East first).  Changes include:

  • Removing the ATL from the side panels and adding a thin white piping to match the pant leg.
  • Going with a Vikings-esque off-center thin white stripe within the thick purple.  This is a motif carried over from the logo with the thin white stripe at the bottom of the crown. 
  • Changed the number font to something akin to the Titan's longstanding font (not present font).
  • White TV numbers just to offset the gold sleeves.
  •  lnmFQUw.png
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And Birmingham.  Some major changes here:

  • Added helmet stripe based on logo, 2 tone grey side by side with the hex-bolt motif which we will see throughout.
  • Shoulder yoke with the same side-by-side greys (similar to current Titans) again with hexbolts.
  • Light grey numbers with dark grey beveling.
  • No side panels on jersey.  Yoke takes its place. 
  • Dark grey pants with logo and black stripe (slightly skewing from back to front) and 2 hexbolts

Still think they should have added either some orange or yellow to create greater color contrast, but with the color scheme they have, I just think black on black on black on black is a bit too much. 


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Memphis and Orlando:  Both uniforms are solid so the changes here are minimal.  


Memphis:  Adjusted the side panels to denote growing speed and changed the number font.

Orlando:  Removed the jersey side stripe and altered the yoke.  New pant stripe and added logo to pants. 



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Arizona is next up.  Again minor changes. The yellow socks were really the only thing that bugged me about the original.  I also removed the sleeve color and kept the sleeves yellow just because so many other teams had sleeves of a different color. 



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Ok, the last two are up.  


First, the San Antonio Commanders.  I opted to expand the yoke by recreating the Alamo motif.  This also means that the Commanders are the only team without a wordmark above the numbers.  Other than that,the uniforms are only slightly different from the actuals, with the full logo on the pant stripe. 



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With the San Diego Fleet I wanted to downplay the yellow a bit, and I really did not like the lighter grey pants with the dark grey, and since there is only one other team using white pants, I thought this could work without being too similar.  I kept the chevron motif, but added grey chevrons along with the yellow, and now with white pants there was room to create a stripe to hold the chevrons. 



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These are all upgrades, the Fleet is my favorite but, #BoatUp.


I would also be interested in seeing some home/away sets.  The Fleet/Legends game was terrible as far as color on color.


I really like the Legends, especially if the helmet and jersey are the same color, unlike real life.

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