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Hey everyone!


If you guys remember a while back I started on this NBA jersey database project that eventually spawned into a Tumblr. I need everyone's help again. I decided to ditch the old template with a newer, easier to edit, one. But I'm going to need a lot of help on how the jersey shape/length/belt/shorts evolved throughout the years. I did my own research and this is what I've come up with so far: (Note that the years indicated refer to the jerseys templates only and not the jerseys themselves)


Ok. So for this first batch:

  1. I'm not sure when they stopped using belts for their shorts.
  2. I noticed on team photos that by 1956 the jerseys were a bit wider on the shoulders.
  3. It went even wider at 1968 with a new V-neck collar jersey at 1974.
  4. 1986 was when they added the NBA logo.
  5. For 1994 I widened the arm holes a bit more and made the shorts slightly longer.


To anyone who knows more about this stuff, I'd be really grateful for some notes and criticism. Thanks everyone!

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Template-wise some teams varied on having that v notch on the lower sides of the shorts. The Lakers for example had the v notch as the only uni change around 1971. Your template isn't able to show that or even the side panel color. I would also bump up the length difference between the pre/post Jordan era shorts, I hardly noticed it here.


With jersey cuts that interesting too. The classic NY nets style jersey didn't have standard piping so it kept that old school skinny shoulder strap vibe into the 80s. Later on they just had standard piping that matched the jersey color. Really depends on the team.


My fav sources for accuracy are getty images (not always reliable for dates) and game used auction sites. And YoooouTube vids.


I'm doing a project like this but it includes that specific player wearing the uni. Now that's a bitch to do.....

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