Sun League (Sim Baseball) - 2019 Season Championship

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6 hours ago, RoughRiders99 said:


That's one massive file, haha. I figured you started up a normal game then added a "new" independent league and then went from there. Thanks! Now back to your regularly scheduled posts.... 

One way I'm gonna loosen up the game is ditch the Pecos League and Pacific Association to free up some game data. Both are well under par independent leagues, so if anything it'll thicken the player pool a little bit. I have an idea for an independent league world series, so that's gonna make it 5 major independent leagues!

Speaking of facing off against other teams, here is how the Bog Hogs managed as a measuring stick.

vs MLB worst record Marlins (56-106) = 33-129

vs AAA best record Columbus Clippers (77-61) = 76-86

vs AA best record Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (83-56) = 87-75

vs Atlantic League champions Somerset Patriots (68-59) = 98-64

vs American Asoociation champions Chicago Dogs (59-42) = 110-52

vs CanAm League best record Rockland Boulders (63-33) = 145-17 holy crap wasn't expecting this

vs Frontier League champions Lake Erie Crushers (62-34) = 108-54


vs Pacific Association champions Sonoma Stompers (51-29) = 132-30

vs Pecos League champions Monterey Amberjacks (38-25) = 122-40


Great Glove Award

P - Williams Perez (WH)

C - Josmil Pinto (PC)

1B - Clint Robinson (WH)

2B -  Brandon Twinkwon (BC)

3B - Conor Gillaspie (WH)

SS - Luis Jean (FTM)

LF - Brandon Moss (ORL)

CF - Ricky Eusebio (PC)

RF - Elvis Rubio (HOM)


Reliever of the Year

Fernnando Abad (BC) he received all 10 first place vote


Platinum Stick Award

C - Cuba Bess (BC)

1B - Adam Lind (BC)

2B -  Brett Lawrie (PC)

3B - Conor Gillaspie (WH)

SS - Stephen Drew (BC)

LF - Brandon Moss (ORL)

CF -Dave Sappelt (CCB)

RF - Melky Cabrera (PC)

DH - Matt Holiday (ORL)


Rookie of the Year

Cuba Bess (BC) 8 first place votes


Lou Pinella Manager of the Year

Michael Barrett (WH)


Pitcher of the Year

Fernnando Abad (BC) hell, a reliever with a 5-2 record, 26 saves, 0.93 ERA



Cuba Bess (BC) 3 first place votes, 97 points 

Brandon Moss (ORL) 1 first place vote, 79 points

Conor Gillaspie (WH) 2 first place votes, 72 points 



Endy Chavez (BC) Chris Young (FTM)


Major Free Agency departures

Stephen Drew (BC)  Angel Pagan (CCB) Ricky Weeks, Erick Aybar, Colby Lewis (FTL) Ricky Nolasco (FTM) Andre Ethier (HOM) Chris McFarland, Emilio Bonifacio, Matt Holliday (ORL) Brett Lawrie, Zach Petrick (PC) Dioner Navarro (SAR) Mark Reynolds (VB) Conor Gillaspie (WH)


Major Free Agency signings

Angel Pagan, Branden Nunn(PC) Matt Holliday (VB) Andre Eithier (WH)

so far it's been a lot of free agents that became loose from other independent leagues. Nunn is a 2 star fictional pitcher that the Bats shelled out some money to be their ace. He's also 23!


That's gonna be it for right. I simmed until January 1st. All the rosters are full right now, but i'm gonna cut some players in anticipation of the January 23rd free agent draft! Hoping we can get back some of those big names. I'm going to go ahead and update the minor league teams who changed brands this year in the meantime.

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Free agent draft time baby! Instead of releasing players i made the roster limit 50 players, then will drop it down after the fact so I don't play god. There's some really good names in here. I can't guarantee the draft picks make it when I drop the roster size down. It should be noted that none of these players had teams listed as interested in. Whether they're over the hill or want too big of contract, they're fair play. The 5 million dollar price tag for MLB clubs is still active.


Shall we get started?


Free Agents by MLB experience



Free Agents by rating



Round 1

1. Plant City - SS Kiyoshi Hamamoto: Fictional player made in the international free agency period. 4 star japanese player.

2. Ft. Myers - 2B Logan Forsythe: Journeyman second baseman most recently with the Dodgers. 3 star

3. Sarasota - RP Zach Britton: Holy crap Sarasota really signed a 5 star reliever

4. Homestead - 3B Adrian Beltre: 3000 hit club member with tons of hardware.

5. Orlando - 3B Mike Moustakas: 2 time all star with Kansas City coming off a .253 season.

6. Cocoa Beach - SP Patrick Corbin: 29 year old, 2.5 star former Diamondback who is getting increasingly better.

7. Ft. Lauderdale - RF Andrew McCutchen: Florida boy! Absolute dude with Pittsburgh.

8. Vero Beach - SS Eduardo Escobar: Cut his team with the Twins, putting up good WAR numbers over the last 2 seasons.

9. Winter Haven - SP Lance Lynn: Cardinals starter with an All Star Appearance. 10 wins every year since 2012.

10. Brevard County - SP Hisashi Iwakuma: Mariners starter who has slowed down career wise. 2013 All Star


Round 2

11. Plant City - 3B Nick Castellanos: Long time Tigers infielder who has a career average of .264

12. Ft. Myers - 1B Joe Mauer: Hall of fame certainty. Hope he still has a spring training home.

13. Sarasota - SP Cole Hamels: 4 time All Star and a world series MVP. Most recently with the Rangers for some forgettable years.

14. Homestead - 1B Luis Valbuena: First baseman with the Angels most recently. Only has a .225 career average.

15. Orlando - SP Jaime Garcia: Long time starter for the Cardinals, still has a 2 star rating.

16. Cocoa Beach - SP Sonny Gray: Guess that big Yankees contract isn't going so good. 2015 All Star with Oakland

17. Ft. Lauderdale - SS Jordy Mercer: Pirates infielder with a .258 average career.

18. Vero Beach - 1B Lucas Duda: 7 years with the Mets and having 2 30 home run seasons in the process.

19. Winter Haven - RP Shelby Miller: A 6 year career with St. Louis Atlanta and Arizona. Signing well below what the other players in this draft got. 2015 All Star

20. Brevard County - SP Wade Miley: Former All Star, 13 career WAR with Arizona, Boston, Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Seattle.


Round 3

21. Plant City - RP Jung-Heum Chah: fictional Korean reliever who is 29 and a 5 star rated player. Has a great fastball and slider.

22. Ft. Myers - 1B Matt Adams: .271 career batter, mostly higher when he made a name for himself in St. Louis.

23. Sarasota - SP Yovani Gallardo: Long time Brewer, earned an all star bid and silver slugger as a pitcher.

24. Homestead - RF Carlos Gonzalez: 3 time All Star, 3 Gold Gloves, and 2 Silver Slugger awards with Colorado.

25. Orlando - SP Doug Fister: 20 WAR player with several teams 3.76 ERA

26. Cocoa Beach - RF Colby Rasmus: Long time journeyman with a bunch of different teams. Probably most memorable in Toronto and Houston

27. Ft. Lauderdale - SP JC Ramirez: Solid starter for the Angels most recently, 11 wins in 2017

28. Vero Beach - SP Dietrich Enns: Lifetime AAA player in several different organizations.

29. Winter Haven - 3B Conor Gillaspie: The slugger is back for the Bog Hogs!

30. Brevard County - 3B Chase Headly: Big deal 3B who made a name in San Diego, went to New York, then spiraled from there.


Round 4

31. Plant City - CF Adam Jones

32. Ft. Myers - 3B David Freese

33. Sarasota - SP Francisco Liriano

34. Homestead - C Devin Mesoraco

35. Orlando - SP JA Happ

36. Cocoa Beach - SP Jeremy Hellickson

37. Ft. Lauderdale - SS Adeiny Hechavarria

38. Vero Beach - CL Andrew Miller

39. Winter Haven - SP Chris Tillman

40. Brevard County - SP Matt Shoemacher


Round 5

41. Plant City - 1B Logan Morrison

42. Ft. Myers - C Kurt Suzuki

43. Sarasota - SP Dan Straily

44. Homestead - RP Garrett Richards

45. Orlando - RF Carlos Gomez

46. Cocoa Beach - SP Anthony Bass

47. Ft. Lauderdale - SS Jose Iglesias

48. Vero Beach - 3B Eduardo Nunez

49. Winter Haven - CL Craig Kimbrel

50. Brevard County - CL David Robinson


That was incredible, i'm so ready for this year.

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13 hours ago, RoughRiders99 said:

This league is going to rapidly give MLB a run for their money. 


Dare do I say it... a third MAJOR league?? (NL, AL, and then the SL) 

Maybe in 2012! One thing I noticed is how heavy the pitching rosters got drafted. It's going to NUKE the league average.


Sarasota's starting rotation is Cole Hammels, Yovani Gallardo, Francisco Liriano, Dan Straly, and Jake Peavy (plus Zach Britton to close). The game doesn't even have them as the best rotation in the league! Cocoa Beach went heavy rotation too. They have Patrick Corbin, Sonny Gray, Jeremy Hellickson, Scott Kazmir, and Matt Garza. The game must consider former Rays in higher regards.


I think the best team in my test sim was able to beat the MLB worst after the second year. The roster pages previews about 12 players and I believe Ft. Myers and Orlando had over 12 above 1 star ratings. I think in a scrap vs the Marlins or Orioles they could hold their own. However, the Marlins have a strong minor league coming up so have to hit them while they're down.


I originally had it 7 rounds of this draft but that's way too much. Five seems like a good amount to flip enough positions.

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MIAMI - In a shocking move, less than a decade after building a new state of the art stadium in the heart of little Havana, the Marlins are on the move. Derek Jeter has picked up the team and relocated it to Indianapolis. The Matatdors (wait did the game really misspell Matadors?) will play in a new stadium in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Indians will not be affected.



So yeah I loaded up the game, which defaults to MLB and noticed something wasn't quite right in the NL East. The Marlins are no more! This won't really change anything with the Sun League. But I will announce a new thing to brand! The Fly Boys and Spikes will play at Marlins Park in early July, replacing one home stand for Homestead. I will watch all 3 games  and select the ballpark as Marlins Park instead of Homestead Sports Complex. I had plans to do this as it is and alternate between Marlins Park and the Ybor Rays Stadium(RIP). 

The logo reflects the previous Marlins colors(the new ones just announced wouldn't exist), done in a way to represent art deco Miami, the vibrant Cuban community, and the colors of both teams in the game.



Also screw the NHL's Stadium Series, this is an actual series! 

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Dang those are some serious star power type of player names in this draft! Gotta be an instant jolt of credibility for the Sun League.

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So i'm gonna actually sim some games today! The first month will be live later tonight. In the mean time I wanted to show you guys that names are a little misleading. So Brandon Phillips is a 2B on the Bog Hogs. He has all this hardware, but won't even start at 2B due to general decay.



Check his scouting report



So when random good players enter the league they're about 2 stars and losing fast. The reliever position across the league however is so good, so that's gonna make stuff interesting.

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Folks welcome back for the 2019 season of Sun League on OOTP!


Early on I jump in on the best pitching matchup. Opening day we saw the regular season winning Brevard County Manatees face off with the last place Plant City Fruit Bats. The Fruit Bats had the best Free Agent draft in my opinion and it'd be on display seeing Brandon Nunn(PC) vs Wade Miley(BC)



The Fruit Bats were favored in every position. You're saying the last place team is now better than the first place team? Not only did the Bats win that game, but they've been on a TEAR of the Sun League. Lead by Adam Jones, all time hit leader Melky Cabrera, and 4 star short stop Kiyoshi Hamamoto, the bats won 22 of 28 to start the year. Check out those Sun League rankings!



The second and third game I watched was a double header between Sarasota and Orlando. Game 1 was Francisco Liriano(SAR) vs Jaime Garcia(ORL), and Game 2 was Cole Hammels(SAR) vs Doug Fister(ORL). Garcia left in the 2nd of his game, but it was an absolute duel between the now beefed up pitching in the league. Game 1 was a 1-0 win for Orlando. Game 2 was another thriller of a game but for another reason. Sarasota hung on for a 6-5 win with both teams combining for 5 homers! I'd watch 7 games of that series.

Unfortunately I doubt we'll get that. Both teams pitching is depleted. Jake Peavy is finally back and went less than 2 innings in a Ringmasters loss. Orlando has JA Happ, Jaime Garcia, and Chris Jones on the DL. Their rotation boasts a 4.70 ERA, including the all time losingest pitcher in league history, Nick Greenwood


Brandon Moss had 21 homers last season, but a month through and he stands at 8. The game is projecting that he'll hit 31 if he stays healthy. Hamamoto and Jones are leading half the offensive categories. Lucas Duda has 29 RBIs for Vero Beach, who is better than I thought they'd be. They're 10-2 at home, and that must be in part due to the back of the bullpen being INSANE. Trevor Rosenthal hands the ball off to Andrew Miller. Rosenthal has a .75 ERA, and Miller has 7 saves. That's something to watch in the future.

The hit lead is a mixed bag and no one near the top inspires me. Adam Jones is hanging in the race, and Conor Gillaspie is back and slugging. Both are MVP candidates I'd say!

That's it for June, have the extended standings and let me know if you prefer this.



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What a fun month! The teams started to fall into place, and the shaking down of the statistics was really interesting. Remember when Sarasota went all pitchers in the free agent draft? They're first in Starters, Bullpen, and Runs Against! The issue? They're last in Runs Scored, Average, On Base %, and Home Runs. 

This month we had the Stadium Series! Homestead hosted Ft. Lauderdale at Marlins Park.




Ft. Lauderdale won games 1 and 2 pretty solidly. In game 3, they held a 1-0 lead into the 7th. They ALSO had a combined no hitter. Homestead had 2 walks, then the next batter hit both of them in. Homestead salvaged their series in the big ballpark.


Jung-Heum Chan has been crucial for the Fruit Bats in their early success. An ERA a half a run better than 2nd is a sight to behold. Plant City's starters don't have a great era outside of Jung-Heum, so you're looking at a great candidate for MVP. Remember when I mentioned Conor Gillaspie and Adam Jones being my bet for MVP? The cream rose to the crop. Gillaspie leads in average and hits. Jones leads the league in Homers, RBIs, and Slugging. This emergence is thanks to a 5 homer week leading into my save point. Brandon Moss only hit 3 homers this month so forget his huge quest to topple his record by 10. He's on pace to tie 21 now.




Lets take a look at the standings!


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After taking a little break mid season, I'm back at finishing this season! We left off with the Fruit Bats on pace to beat the best winning percentage by .120 points! I thought I'd sim ahead and catch them playing a playoff team. Well the series i skipped was against the sub-500 Fly Boys. After it was done simming, the Fruit Bats had a 5 game losing streak thanks to a sweep by Homestead and Ft. Lauderdale taking the series opener. But have no fear, their ace Jung-Heum Chais on the mound!


Nick Castellanos came up huge in the 4th hitting a 398 foot grand slam to left center. From there, Plant City couldn't stop scoring. Six runs turned to eight, which turned to ten. I look up and it's the bottom of the 7th and Chan still hasn't given up a hit! Well to lead the inning, a pinch hitter hit a triple, and scored on a passed ball. Anticlimactic, but he got pulled an inning later. Plant City would go on to win 14-4.


Two of the worst teams in the league are a weird case study. Sarasota went heavy pitching in the draft, and they still remain in the lead in the pitching category. They just cannot hit worth a damn. The one position player in their top 10 earning contracts is Aaron Hill who's batting a strong .217. If you drafted all hitting, it better pan out! Ft. Myers is 10 games under 500. None of their picks are necessarily bad, but their 9th and 10th place pitching rankings are a major problem. Their hitting is mediocre, which is a result of their 8 and 9 hole hitters batting around the Mendoza line. Orlando was the darling of the playoffs last year, and Brandon Moss is still hitting a ton of homers. But their pitching has ran into injury problems, with Jaime Garcia, Doug Fister, and JA Happ on the DL. 


Speaking of Ft. Myers, they traded their stolen base leader, and solid .276 batter Wilfred Tovar and a 3 star potential pitcher to the Lancaster Barnstormers for SP Andrew Vinson. Vinson is currently holding a 10 ERA. Woof. They have by far the biggest salary of the teams in the league, so I expect them to not resign all their draft picks, and hopefully some half star contract albatrosses like Kelly Johnson.


The month ended with Vero Beach rattling off 9 straight wins to jockey themselves closer to that first round bye that Plant City all but locked up. Speaking of locked up. Plant City has Adam Jones, Nick Castellanos, Melky Cabrera, and Kiyoshi Hamamoto lead every category except hits and average. Conor Gillaspie is the man stopping the shutout.



I enacted a roster expansion on September 1st because the teams are slowly building a pretty solid minor league staff and they're just sitting there. Hoping that 8 players will get their shot and become league mainstays over 30 year old scrubs.

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September happened and it was super boring. The best record all month was 14-11, and Plant City nearly squandered their excellent year down the stretch, winning their last 5 to jump ahead of Brevard County's win record last year. They finished with a nice 69.



Here's a breakdown of the statistical breakdowns of each team.


1. Plant City Fruit Bats - The best lineup in the league seems to be able to hit themselves out of trouble, although they had a mediocre month to end the season. Their bullpen seems to be the shaky part of a very strong team.



2. Cocoa Beach ChocoSox - Cocoa snuck past Vero Beach with a league best September. The lineup seems pretty weak, with Darwin Barney not even playing and Brett Lawrie deteriorating. Their pitching staff was good this past year, but Kazmir, Garza, and Corbin are on the DL and will miss the playoffs. Colby Rasmus has 5 days before he comes back, so he'll be ready for the second round series.



3. Vero Beach Azules - Vero goes from a week off to playing the plucky Homestead squad. Their key seems to get to their bullpen in the lead, which is a great strategy when you have the best bullpen in the league. They're going to have to consistently score runs to give them a chance, however. Lucas Duda had a great last month and took over the league league in homers(26, a new Sun League record), RBIs, and Slugging.



4. Winter Haven Bog Hogs - The Hogs were just good enough this year, but they have an extra round to go through this year. A lot of their core is back and has experience to win. The biggest issue might be Craig Kimbrell being on the DL for a year with a torn flexor. Gillaspie had a .235 average in the past month, so the Bog Hogs will need him to turn it around right about now.



5. Ft. Lauderdale Spikes - Ft. Lauderdale had a great end of the year to get back into the playoffs comfortably. Thanks to their insane batting average. McCutchen leads his battering mates to a .290 clip! Their pitching sucks though. Look at the bullpen ERA! This team would be greatly different if they had a solid back end. JC Ramirez is a draft pick from last year, and he's been great. If they can start their series with Winter Haven off with a win, expect it being from a strong performance out of JC.



6. Homestead Fly Boys - Carlos Gonzalez and Adrian Beltre lead Homestead to a well deserved playoff spot. While they finished sub 500, they have tools that prove they belong. Their pitching staff isn't gear, but not too bad as a whole. They might be scary if they can sneak by Vero Beach and hit the Fruit Bats running.




So who do you guys got?!


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Go Plant City! (and even though I have inordinate and unwarrented amount of dislike for the Flyboys, I can't root against El Captian Adrian Beltre!

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ChocoSox! Darwin Barney may not be playing, but he gave me a team to cheer for!

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Wild Card Round (Best of 3)

Our early matchups saw the defending champion #4 Winter Haven Bog Hogs vs the heavy hitting #5 Ft. Lauderdale Spikes, and the shutdown bullpen of #3 Vero Beach Azules vs the barrage of hitters #6 Homestead Fly Boys have.


Ft. Lauderdale started with an Adeiny Hechavarria 2 run homer. Winter Haven answered with some small ball in the 4th. Tied 2-2, Winter Haven had a 4 run 5th inning they batted around in. That decreased pressure loosened up the Hogs as they cruised to a 6-4 Game 1 win. Johnny Peralta of the Spikes had a hit in the 4th to score the first 2 runs in the game. While batting in the 5th, a pass ball with Peralta up added another. Clint Robinson came to life in the playoffs again, scoring one back in the 6th. Our friend Peralta scored in the 8th. Down 4-1, the Bog Hogs answered with 2 runs. In the bottom of the 9th with two on, Andre Either blasts one to center. The Centerfielder sprints back and catches a would-be walk off on the warning track. Conor Gillaspie continues his insane playoffs with an RBI to start the scoring in the decisive game 3. Andrew McCutchen got to third base twice in the game before leadoff hitter Alex Call plated Rossmel Perez in the 7th. Bottom 8, Ross Kivett of the Bog Hogs scored to go up 2-1 on a bases loaded sac fly to left. When all hope seemed to be lost, Ft. Lauderdale started the 9th with 3 hits, tying the game on a single. Winter Haven calmed down, and was able to hold the tie into their turn in the 9th. In the top of the 10th, Mason Robbins threw from RF to home, passing the catcher, and scoring the runner from 3rd. The very next batter, a triple down the right field line scored the other two batters on. Winter Haven had the top of the order come up, but only mustered a single. Ft. Lauderdale moves on!


Alex Call series MVP (although Gillaspie batted .538!)


I wish I watched the Azules-Fly Boys game 1! Tied 3-3 top 9, Adrian Beltre hit a 2 run double. Homestead turned the ball over to Kyle Bartsch. A walk, fielder's choice, error, and another walk loaded the bases. Robert Andino grounded out, but one runner crossed the plate. But Eduardo Nunez hit a double directly after, sending the Azules fans home happy. Lucas Duda's phenomenal season continued. After a homer in Game 1, he had 2 RBI singles in game 2. Vero Beach cruised to a 3-0 win to advance to play the ChocoSox.


Eduardo Nunez MVP


Elimination Round (Best of 7)

The favorite #1 Plant City Fruit Bats vs the plucky #5 Ft. Lauderdale Spikes in one series, the east coast showdown of #2 Cocoa Beach ChocoSox vs #3 Vero Beach Azules.


It flew by me, but Kiyoshi Hamamoto got injured in September for the Bats, which hurts their chances slightly! The Fruit Bats got a rude awakening in game 1. The invigorated Spikes pitching staff held them scoreless. The problem? So did superstar Jung-Heum Chah of the Bats. In a scoreless game in the 10th, the 9th batter Dylan Woods doubled to score Ricky Eusebio to win game 1. A crazy five run 4th lead by Andrew McCutchen gave the Spikes all they needed for a 5-2 series tying win. The Fruit Bats were able to score 3 runs in two different innings, but the relentless Spikes, down 6-2 in the 9th put on a double show in route to a 3 run 9th. Fruit Bat's solid closer David Berg settled and closed out the game. Nick Castellanos has been scary quiet all series. He woke up in game 4 going 2-4, with 2 RBI en route to a 6-2 win. Ricky Eusebio comes up big again with an RBI to open the scoring in game 5. Jose Martinez(FTL) Logan Morrison(PC) Dylan Woods(PC), and Alex Call(FTL) traded off solo homers. Chah got pulled after 7, and in that inning the Spikes had a few singles that ended in an RBI single. In the 9th, Jose Martinez plays hero with a double down the line to score the game winning run in the 9th. The Spikes went nuts early, scoring 4 in the 2nd with the bats of Martinez, Jordy Mercer, and McCutchen. The Bats would get one back there after. Ft. Lauderdale got a Rossmel Perez solo homer in the 5th. Melky Cabrera finally showed up in the game! Melky hit a triple, followed up by a Logan Morrison single. Up 5-3, the Spikes got another back. Then Morrison homered! Plant City got Adam Jones, Melky Cabrera, and Nick Castellanos on base for Morrison in the bottom of the 9th down 6-4. He struck out looking. Pathetic. The next batter had a line drive to right center caught by a sprinting McCutchen. Game 7 in Plant City. Jordy Mercer had a single with a runner on 3rd to open the scoring. Morrison came up with Castellanos on 3rd, and hit an inside the park homer to the fence to take the lead! A pass ball also scored one that inning. The 6-7-8 hitters for Plant City are all batting over .300, which is great paired with the top of the order. Cody Ramer in the 8th hole hits an RBI single in the 8th for insurance. Adeiny Hechavarria hit a big triple off the wall in the 9th. The Spikes rallied and loaded the bases on the next 3 batters. A liner to first and a strikeout swinging smoldered the flames, earning the Fruit Bats a spot in the Flagler Cup!


Logan Morrison and his 4 homers, and .393 average earned him MVP.


The ChocoSox offense started out pretty hot. After a week long break, they counted 13 hits, including a 3-5 day from Brett Lawrie. But you have to score with players on! They had 13 left on base as Vero Beach takes game 1 4-3. Game 2 started with Colby Rasmus getting hurt for the Sox. They went up 4-0 in the first 2 innings, with VB reeling them back in 4-3. Both teams traded 4 run innings late but Cocoa Beach would win 8-7. A 3 run homer by Jefry Marte set the tone early for the Azules. Vero would go on to win 4-3, the 3rd 1 run game this series. Binary on the board in game 4, as 7 innings had just 1 run. Cocoa Beach was able to score the last 3 of this contest, which resulted in a 5-2 win. Chris Smith and Sonny Gray faced off in Vero Beach hoping to take the 5 game lead. Both went 7, with Grey giving up a single run. Smith gave the ball to Andrew Miller who closed out a 2-0 win for Vero. Does "A 3 run homer by Jefry Marte set the tone early for the Azules" sound familiar? He did it again for Vero in a decisive game 6. In the 6th, Cocoa Beach played small ball, scoring 2 runs in the process. Vero Beach would get an insurance run in the 9th to make it 5-2, which held on. The Azules advance!


Eduardo Escobar was Series MVP after batting .381.


So the Flagler Cup will be-



That was such a good set of semi-final games. Can't wait to do these tomorrow!

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Game 1: Vero Beach (C.Smith, 9-7) vs Plant City (Jung-Huem Chah 13-1)

Melky Cabrera got the Fruit Bats on the board first in the first. with a solo blast to center. Plant City used that momentum to score another run on an infield single that could have been prevented.In the 5th, Nick Castellanos had a seeing eye single squib through the left side. Adam Jones on his horse made it to home just before the tag. Logan Morrison added another homer to his playoffs making it 4-0. David Berg came into the game relieving Chah, who was great through 8. But Lucas Duda brought one back with a homer. Berg has been extremely shaky in the playoffs, but he did enough to secure a game 1 win.



Game 2: Vero Beach (S. Diamond, 5-8) vs Plant City (G. Smith 7-8)

For as bad of start Vero had last game, a single and 2 run homer by Eduardo Escobar put them in the lead early. With bases loaded in the 3rd, Brett Eibner doubled down the line, scoring 2. Things got interesting in the 5th, Ricky Esuebio and Dylan Woods hit solo homers for the Bats. Mike O'Neill of VB hit a single to the RF, but one run would cross before Melky could get it in. In the 7th, Jefry Marte hit a blooper that dropped infront of Melky. Lucas Duda never stopped rounding 3rd, and would score to make it 6-2. Andrew Miller came in to close it out in the 8th and 9th. Both innings saw a runner reach 3rd base, but Miller had it in control and neither would score.



Game 3: Plant City (B Nunn 5-8) vs Vero Beach (G. Reynolds 5-5)

Another early blow in this series. With 2 on, Logan Morrison hit a ball off the wall in deep center, hesitating due to the CF running for it, Melky Cabrera only reached 3rd. Derek Campbell hit a single right after scoring both. Robert Andino was able to score from 1st on a double by Eduardo Nunez, bringing the score to 3-1. A Lucas Duda infield single scored a second in the 6th. Brett Eibner comes up big again with an RBI single to tie the game. He was batting .159 this playoffs and has two big hits in 2 games. Nick Castellanos comes up a hero again, with a single scoring a runner to take the lead again. A Morrison sac fly added another. Things got scary in the bottom of the 7th. As rain began to fall, the Azules loaded the bases. A walk brought in a run, but Matt Marksberry held his cool and managed to get out of it. The Bats would hang on to win game 3.



Game 4: Plant City (Z Spruill 5-9) vs Vero Beach (M. McClendon 6-5)

Logan Morrison for MVP! A 2 run, 395 foot blast to open the scoring in the first. A bases loaded sac fly by Jefry Marte halved the score, but those left on base might come back to haunt the Azules. Melky Cabrera hit a triple, followed by Nick Castellanos hitting him in a batter later. Another Morrison hit set up a sure double play, but Derek Campbell got to first in time to keep the inning alive, while Castellanos scored from 3rd. 4-1 Bats. They had bases loaded to end the inning. This is relevant because Jefry Marte hit a 3 run BOMB to left to tie it. A Castellanos ground out pushed another across. Eduardo Nunez had an RBI for VB right after. Not to be out done by a double off the wall in center by Ricky Esuebio to give Plant City the lead again. In the bottom of the 7th, Eduardo Escobar singled to be hit home by the en fuego Jefry Marte, whose triple gives him 5 this game. Austin Bossart hit him home there after. Bases loaded for Eduardo Nunez hit a bases loaded single to continue this big 7th inning. That massive 7th would prove to be the decider. Vero Beach wins to tie the series.



Game 5: Plant City (Jung-Huem Chah 13-1) vs Vero Beach (C.Smith, 9-7)

Adam Jones lead-off triple set the mood early, with Melky Cabrera doubling immediately after. Followed by Nick Castellanos hitting him in a batter later with a double down the line. In the same inning, Mitch Ghelfi hit a 2 run homer to right center. The Fruit Bats scored 4 in the 1st inning, which is not ideal for Vero as Jung-Heum Chah comes in to continue his MVP campaign. Logan Morrison notably didn't get a hit in that first inning, but he would make up for it with an RBI double in the 3rd. Of all people, Mitch Ghelfi would hit another 2 run homer! The Fruit Bat catcher had 3 all year! 8th and 9th batters Cody Ramer and Dylan Woods would have 2 and 3 RBIs respectively in following innings. Notice how Fruit Bat heavy this recap was? Well Chah was lights out. He had 2 hits given up through 7. In the 8th, Castellanos bobbled a sure out, leading to the first run given up(but not earned). Vero wouldn't make much noise after that, and the Bats stomping of the Azules would mean they're one game from a title!



Game 2: Plant City (G. Smith 7-8) vs Vero Beach (S. Diamond, 5-8)

The Fruit Bats are top to bottom lethal, and this is proven by another Dylan Woods RBI in this game. Adam Jones had one himself the next at bat. Eduardo Nunez knew the Azules needed to stay in this game, so a single scoring Robert Andino was perfect for Vero. Over a period of 3 innings, Plant City hit a single RBI. Their lead was 5-1 before Greg Smith gave up a homer to Brett Eibner. DH Derek Campbell would match that in the 7th with a solo shot of his own. Down 6-2 in the 9th, Lucas Duda hit a solo home run off of David Berg. With a runner on and 2 outs, Ricky Esuebio made a diving catch in left to seal the championship!



Congrats to all the Fruit Bats fans out there! And exceptional prediction by this guy! Logan Morrison was MVP.

On 12/24/2018 at 8:08 PM, Tyrano123 said:

Hopefully a Plant City win over the Azules would be extra nice



I have some offseason changes I'm making to help with budgets and development that I'll go over later/

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On 12/10/2018 at 6:18 PM, raysox said:

Lake Erie Crushers

Come on, you can't just make up teams for other leagues. Also, I don't know who to root for in this league. Maybe the Hogs? The Hogs seem lime a team from Minnesota, not from Florida. Good win Chocolate-Covered Strawberries!

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woah this looks great

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