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XFL Team Nicknames


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Putting together some design concepts for the new XFL and am trying to come up with names. Here is what I have so far. Let me know what you think or what your suggestion would be for the new team nicknames!


1. St. Louis

Clydesdales (Clydes) - Home of AB

Gunners (First STL football team in the 30s)



2. Dallas
Twisters (Tornado, also someone who breaks a horse)

Americans (Play on America's team, also tribute to Arlington Cemetery) Military's team


3. Houston

Barons (Oil Barons as a reference to the Houston Oilers)




4. LA

Shooting Stars


Pacs (Pacifics)


5. New York

Fivers (5 Burroughs)


Expatriates (Expats) Word that means immigrant, or not from here


6. Seattle



SeaWolves - (Play against the SeaHawks)


7. Tampa Bay
Explorers (Marco Polo)

Firebolts (Word for lightning)

Racers (Refer to speed boats)

8. Washington DC
Gladiators - Rome Architecture

Federals (Feds)

Paladins - DC referred to as "Camelot"





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Most (well, 4/8) of the original XFL team nicknames didn't end in S, and I suspect most of the new ones won't either. Think more along the lines of Empire, as well as more outside-the-box ideas like "Maniax", "Xtreme", or "Rage" like the old ones. The team names you have sound awesome and creative, but they aren't nearly terrible enough for the XFL. (except Firebolts, that sounds crazy)

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This is the XFL version 2.0 we are talking about, so if they want to really represent the teams, they should go with:


LA Empty Seats

St. Louis Spite

Tampa Bay Noshows

New York Meh

Seattle Rain Delays

Houston HoHum

Dallas Free Tickets

Washington Windchill-kept-us-homers

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I already posted my ideas in my own thread, and I’m confident that the league can come up with respectable identities for these teams that we can take seriously. I believe in this league. I believe that with good management at the top, and a good product on the bottom, it can give the NFL a long-overdue run for its money... but it all starts with the right packaging.

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