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NFL changes 2019


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I have to agree with those who dislike the monochrome in all its apparitions.  I still think the Hasselbeck era Seahawks design (slate blue with navy and hints of neon green) were one of the best NFL looks ever, if they ditched the monochrome and went blue over white and white over blue.  


But, I fully recognize I am getting older and prefer older styles.  I also dislike the NFL/NCAA trends towards...


...pants with no striping (except the occasional metallic gold pant like ND)

...teams with metallic colors that use matte pants in that color (lack of metallic pants overall)

...chrome helmets

...matte helmets

...athletic socks that are not white with stripes or color blocks at the top.


...Uniforms that don't use team colors (Oregon Syndrome)

...teams with 7 different helmet & no solid identity (Ok St. syndrome)


Whether it is the Nikefication of sports or the greed of trying to sell multiple jerseys, helmets, etc.  I just don't think it is as good as having 2 solid looks (home, away) and maybe a throwback, sticking to an identity and, yes, I would still consider the 1980's as the golden age of NFL uniforms (cheating because I add the USFL in there.)




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9 hours ago, joekono said:

WavePunter just choose another team that got it right the first time, the Texans. Surprisingly, this was 2002, so I believe that piping and weird unis started in 2002  with the Bills travesties, then the Bengals and Cardinals junk.

I know it's unpopular, but I actually LOVE the Bengals' look.. really my only 2 issues are:

1: side panels on the colored jerseys (and the accompanying white tiger stripes at the top of the pants) - just make the jerseys one solid color and switch those white tiger stripes to black

2: the "B" collar logo - just put a small "BENGALS" wordmark in your custom font like 95% of the NFL does.. use orange on the black and white jerseys, and use black on the orange jersey to minimize gaudiness

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NFL, New Era Go Back Through Time for 2019 Sideline Caps

July 29, 2019 - 15:44 PM

I’ve always wanted to see a league-wide program in which teams are grouped based on their inaugural seasons. Finally, it’s happened, and I have the NFL and New Era to thank. In celebration of the National Football League’s centennial season […]


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I like good design. More often than not, it’s not mono, but sometimes it is. I have certain “rules” that I find to be 99%-100% accurate, but at the end of the day, if something works then rules be damned. 


Theres some minor aspects of the current mono-navy Seahawks look that I’d tweak, but for the most part, it “works” and as not a fan, I’m a fan. 

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I just feel that different leagues and or levels have different asthetics. You can wear stuff in minor league baseball that is awesome, but would never fly in the majors. Monochrome uniforms work in the arena leagues, D2 colleges, highschools, but bother me at major college programs, and look horribly out of place in the NFL. 

The NFL has certain conventions that, when you see them, tell you this is a professional team at the highest level. There needs to contrast between the jersey, the pants (excepting white on white), and the socks. Game pants have stripes or a stripe like graphic. Dark jerseys are worn with  lighter pants. Within these basic guidelines, you can have a lot of variation in terms of colors, graphics, etc. If the Seahawks wore their gray pants exclusively, they would follow all these guidelines, and still have a modern, envelope-pushing uniform that stood out in the league. They'd just finally look like they belonged.

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1 hour ago, ScubaSteve said:

Love this idea. Although I gotta say, teams from the 60s and 70s won out, design-wise.


. . . except the script wordmark caps are not 60sish at all.  They scream late 80s/early 90s.




Also, I think of the striped truckers hat as being late 70s-early 80s, so that don't fit teams that enter the league in the 60s . . . but I guess you have to draw the lines somewhere.

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