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NFL changes 2019


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19 hours ago, Gothamite said:


It is still BFBS.  


Any time a team chooses black as its primary color in the Age of Merchandising, that’s BFBS.


I think the subject matter has to come into play. Other than the Florida panther, the word itself is almost exclusively associated with various species of large black cats. It would be more unnatural to not use black as the primary color, to the point that it would be “not black for not black’s sake.”

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Not sure if this should go here or the Super Bowl LIV logo thread.  But here's some info on the branding for Super Bowl LIV from the style guide.


1) The color scheme will be aqua, gold and ..... HOT PINK!!   (not joking)

2) Last year's geometric pattern in the various font styles is replaced with a soft gradient. So imagine a big LIV in aqua but with a soft vertical dark to light gradient. 

3) I would expect the NFL 100 logo to replace the NFL shield in any and all places. There is a recolored version with silver numerals and 1 aqua stripe and 1 gold stripe replacing the regular version of blue numerals and 2 red stripes. But even though they do it here I don't expect team-specifics versions of the NFL 100 logo ala the MLB logo.

4) There are 2 fonts in play -- a thick, sans-serif font sort of like Impact. And then a very thin, sharp angled font like a Futura.


All in all I think it works. All that aqua and gold is a little more jaguars-y than dolphins-y. But it looks good. And the hot pink is actually working for me, 

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On 3/5/2019 at 11:06 PM, MCM0313 said:

... As to the silver/grey pants worn with white jerseys in 1998...I had no clue before tonight that the team had worn that combo even a single time in its history. I feel like there has to be an explanation for this, like the equipment manager accidentally packing the wrong pants or something similarly wacky.


i think i remember it was a special request by outgoing coach Dom Capers and equipment mgr Jackie Miles made it happen.  We didn't get black pants until 2018, (blue jersey alts in 2002). 


i hate the black pants.  let the Saints and Jags go all black if they want. looks cheap.


i like the traditional blk/silver and white on white with the alt blue w silver, not white.

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1 hour ago, goforbroke said:

did you have a hand in it?


naw, we suggested they look at the Wynwood neighborhood for inspiration (doesnt sound like thats where they took it) and maybe shared a Dolphins "new Miami" moodboard, which would fit what you described but hard to say how much influence any of that really had

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9 hours ago, goforbroke said:

1) The color scheme will be aqua, gold and ..... HOT PINK!!   (not joking)

That kicks ass.


3 hours ago, Gobbi said:

I don’t understand how the official NFL Instagram account can get the sleeve stripes wrong...



Wild how the NFL instagram is run by Roger Goodell himself (with counsel from all 32 equipment managers).

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First Look at NFL 100 Jersey Patch and Football

March 14, 2019 - 04:19 AM

The National Football League is all set to celebrate their 100th anniversary season this fall, and they’ll be doing so (as you’d expect) with a special logo to commemorate the milestone year. Back in October, the league unveiled the logo […]


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