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NBA Changes 2019-20


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6 hours ago, keynote said:

How is that a "NASA" font if it doesn't mimic the "N" from "NASA"? It's the one letter where they'd have a clear reference point. 🤔



All they did was flip the A upside down and use it for the W. It's funny as hell that they're just like "oooo look, NASA font!" And it's clearly not NASA font. 

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11 hours ago, mgfoxx said:



Other than H-Town and the black name plate saying Rockets (would've been cooler if it had the player name instead), these look okay. The H-Town nickname just doesn't work with the NASA-inspired theme. It's like they're trying to appeal to two different crowds.


Also, is it just me or does that black Rockets nameplate kind of resemble a Hershey's chocolate bar wrapper?

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10 hours ago, Pyromania1983 said:

Okay, the uniform was supposed to be revealed Tuesday (November 19th) night but seems to have leaked today on a sportswear website. As we saw from the blue jersey that leaked, the shorts had the trim continued from the jersey.



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I hate, hate, hate how many of these franchises across sports are doing this sweeping, grandiose crap that's "bigger than sports." 

"#RiseUp," "#UniteTheCity," etc. 


What about franchises that are garbage?  Could the Bengals have something like, "#WeFailedOurCity," or the Detroit Tigers could run "#StartBurningOurCitysDead"

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9 hours ago, ZooBlazer said:

Blazers city jersey may have leaked.




Not feeling those 70s style jerseys at all.


16 hours ago, BigEd76 said:

Is this one real?




Not terrible. Even bold and interesting. Why didn't they make the racing stripe jersey this color from the beginning?

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16 minutes ago, mgfoxx said:


Blazers are meh after all that hype


Bucks - Cream City...really??? Enough with the nicknames. On the flip side...The font and wordmark tho is executed well so i won't complain. Very nice and clean uniform.


Pistons- why go back to a jersey design that was almost universally hated??!!


Houston - complete upgrade over their regular uniforms. They should switch..except change the "H-town" to Houston. 


Chicago - pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssee don't let me down!!


Indiana - see Chicago but without the please.

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