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NBA Changes 2019-20


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15 hours ago, projectjohn said:

I'm not convinced the Pistons have any understanding of the league design rules after all of the misinformation they passed on to the beat writer in this article and some of the stuff he's been posting in his Twitter feed.





Before I saw it on a player I liked these, now that I'm seeing it ON someone I am not a huge fan, the center stripe should be a shade of red to differentiate it, otherwise just slap some more stripes on there and you have FC Barcelona's basketball uniform.

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Why do I like that Cavaliers jersey?

I shouldn’t. The number font doesn’t fit the old school feel of the script and stripes, and the V waistband logo needs to be anything else because they don’t need to emphasize the letter V. If they swapped the V out for the ‘70s musketeer logo and subbed in a regular block font I’d like them even more.

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14 minutes ago, projectjohn said:

The gray, I mean anthracite, is spreading.. can’t wait for this trend to die.


But hey, on the bright side it looks like at least “Buzz City” is dead.

That is not anthracite. It is gray. Anthracite is much darker.


A gray uniform could have looked cool with some purple and teal trim. But that huge purple font with white numbers is bad.

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