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NBA Changes 2019-20


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21 hours ago, BellaSpurs said:

Is it just me, or, even though I hate ads, do the mavs lack of ads just bother any of y’all. Like the stick out, their uniforms don’t match any of their opponents and it’s bothering me. That with the Nike logo is making it super left heavy. It makes the right seem especially bare


The only thing that does bother me is a certain blogger saying they are instantly his favorite uniforms JUST because they don't have an sponser ad (he's generally very anti-corporate), really wish there was other uniform or sports logo centric blogs out there.

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9 minutes ago, Froob said:

Didn’t the Grizzlies do two classic jerseys and have a new statement? Makes sense why there’s no city.


Unveiled two, one for this year and the other for next year. They’re celebrating the franchises start in Vancouver (this year) and move to Memphis (next year) ... using a similar throwback court.

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5 hours ago, Digby said:


In theory I agree with this. In practice I can't stand to see another hype video about how our city is uniquely blue-collar and tough-guy, and I'd rather not have another jersey designed with Wikipedia-entry references to the city in question -- as long as the Lakers don't throw another black jersey at us, I find this approach refreshing!


I enjoyed this comment. It speaks to what people have found palatable about the Cleveland jersey -- it's goofy and ugly, but it's at least reflective of the Cavs franchise. So many of these other jerseys are disposable try-hard ugly designs that will last for exactly one season and then be discarded for something equally disposable yet likely remarkably similar next year. Or even when they're nice, they're barely worth iterating on.


The Wizards and Sixers continue to have variations on a theme. Like, beyond the obvious, what really is the difference among these?









Or, Philadelphia. In the abstract the idea is nice, but aren't these basically the same?








I don't see a good reason for half of those to exist. This is like, 15 years worth of jerseys condensed into 3 seasons. It's madness.

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5 hours ago, shaydre1019 said:

I would've preferred either no white on the sides, or white number/wordmark. But these are still nice. 


I've always had a softspot for the cavfanatic sets. Do i think every team should mashup elements from all of their previous uniform sets? No. But it's fun when the cavs do it, and they've had a lot of good sets doing that. 


I think the cavs were uniquely positioned since they had so many different palettes over the years. The mashups actually help make their identity more cohesive IMO

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Anyone know if the contract explicitly states that Nike has the right to do things unilaterally, like "forcing" teams to have x number of new jerseys per year, and design them in house?  I want to blame the teams, but I'm not sure if this might be a case where Nike really does have the final say.  


Sounds like something for dfwabel to figure out.

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6 minutes ago, anythinglogos said:

The Nets don’t play in Bed-Stuy. The Gentrification Nets using Biggie to pose as authentically Brooklyn and going hyper specific by representing neighborhoods they don’t play in strikes me more as appropriaton with each release



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Anyone down with hip hop should know what Bed-Stuy is!  Do or die baby!


I actually like the graffiti font on the white better than the gray.


I'm glad it has that and the graffiti font instead of the same old Brooklyn again.  Two traditional jerseys, two new style. 


Of course the Heat look like they're saving the best for last.....

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I think the coogi pattern is overrated. (It was fine for a one year alternate but would rather move on to something else.) I hate the "Bed-Stuy" They are really to play to locals I guess. Put it somewhere on the jersey, fine. As the main word mark? Pretty weird. Still waiting on them to release another jersey that says "Nets"......

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I think the Nets have largely got it right (apart from the on-court product) since they moved ... but the optics of the people who will wear those jerseys in 2020 Bed-Stuy vs. the Bed-Stuy of 25 years ago that they're allegedly paying tribute to says so, so much.

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