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NBA Changes 2019-20


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5 hours ago, Survival79 said:

That updated/modernized/poor-attempt-at-the-original script is a mess.



Oof. The bottom of that 'g' looks terrible. 


I love scripts and the idea behind this but I'm not a fan of yet another RWB uniform in the NBA. Would rather see this design in purple, silver, and black. 

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People were saying the white version was "cursed" too.  I did the analysis and proved this wrong.  The team was around .500 no matter what they wore.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same with the black.


The main uniforms with vice colors would be great, keep the Miami script for the city jersey.  I'd be down with a Floridians set as well.

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18 hours ago, pelicanfan said:

I doubt it will ever happen but I wish the pelicans would do throwbacks for those New Orleans hornets unis. Those have a special place in New Orleans history considering they were the cp3 era and the pelicans really don’t have much jersey history. I’m pretty sure the pelicans history with unis consisted of: New Orleans jazz jerseys, hornets jerseys (two different sets) and one pelicans set of jerseys


the pelicans would make some crazy money selling these with Zion 


I could see them doing this eventually. I doubt the current Hornets would have a problem with this since this was a unique identity to New Orleans.

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4 hours ago, j'villejags said:

Would rather see this design in purple, silver, and black. 


I would be very interested in seeing those colors on the 90's uniform. Purple is basically my favorite color so if I could get that look in purple then it would be an all time jersey for me.


Also worth nothing is that the Kings had a red and blue court during the last season they wore the 90's uniforms before the switch to purple. It's basically what the court design ended up being up until like 2004 except with different colors.



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Leak: Miami Heat New Vice Jersey for 2020

July 3, 2019 - 13:31 PM

According to a set of leaked photos posted to Twitter yesterday afternoon, the Miami Heat are bringing back their universally popular “Vice” style uniforms in the 2019-20 season. SportsLogos.Net can confirm the jerseys shown in the photos are legit. The […]


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17 hours ago, Conrad. said:



So why Herro was presented with Black Vice jersey? I don't understand that. Anyway if not Heat that I guess Pelicans might be a team which won't have any new uniforms in next season.

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9 minutes ago, the_Raptors_king said:

This is fake, the jersey is stitched and from china, not real, fake news


I believe that jersey is fake (for other reasons), but I think the Heat are getting blue Vice jerseys. 


Fake but accurate (though I hate that phrase)

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39 minutes ago, mgfoxx said:

Chris posted and all but confirmed the Cyan Vice uniforms today, but can't we all agree that the "leaked" photo is of a 100% fake jersey? spacer.pngspacer.png


Fake or not, I was going to say that the sponsor patch doesn't look good with this set, but that might not be such a bad thing since it hardly looks like it's there. Wouldn't mind seeing this come to fruition some day. Only thing it needs is a sublimated pattern.

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