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NBA Changes 2019-20


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9 minutes ago, dont care said:



I'm trying to find evidence of this (not implying that you're wrong). The only example I can recall is Lebron intentionally ripping a sleeved jersey. Most of the stuff I've come across is from last season when the Nike jerseys made their debut.

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9 hours ago, Satomiblood said:


Have there been documented cases of Adidas jerseys ripping in-game, though?


A few years back Michigan complained about their FOOTBALL jerseys ripping fwiw. 

And i know the numbers were peeling at an alarming rate when adidas first introduced the rev 30 template before they started stitching them on. 

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I don't remember as much ripping but a similar amount of numbers falling off in the first year of Rev30 as the amount of Nike jerseys ripping in their first year. These new technologies will have their problems and when items are being mass produced in factories you're bound to have some failures. This is not an issue unique to Nike.

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Fingers crossed that Indiana convert their "City/Earned" uniforms into full term for next year. 




They look so good on TV and is such a good modern take on the FloJos and 90s prototype. IMO.


@Teal @Conrad. Please tell me something good!!? ("...oh Baby baby baby" - singing horribly at my computer)

I know Pacers just got new unis but Hell Phoenix did too and got new threads less than 4 years (thank goodness).


Now Indiana, Houston, Minnesota, Toronto, San Antonio, Atlanta and New Orleans need to use this opportunity to fix their rebrand properly like Phoenix did. (OKC won't cause they their identity brand manager is the equivalent to GarPax of visual merchandise)


New Orleans 



Change your set to these. And you will now look like you never left to convert to Mormonism (Utah). 



Do something that adds trees or green to your ENTIRE identity and get rid of that goofy template.

Green, blue, and touch of navy/silver and voila.(see Conrad's old mockups)





Red and yellow and keep that Challenger design on the side. (Black and grey are ok but yellow is needed)



Bring Vince Carter back next year, do the right thing and go with this logo like you wanted to and just splash some purple with your current uniforms and voila. Back to having a top 5 selling uniform again. (Vince Carter uniforms were hotcakes back in turn of the century)




Replace Vort Green with yellow and go to bed. Easy fix.


San Antonio

I 100% agree with bringing back 90s Fiesta color-theme integration. Simple fix and we can go home. Miami Heat vice unis shows that it can work.


Sorry for long post. Making up for lurking again plus just bored.


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4 hours ago, Colin_Pernett said:

Any idea if there’s going to be a Hawks change?

Sadly, no.


3 hours ago, WSU151 said:

So far, changes to Icon & Association are Mavs, Warriors, Rockets - anyone else? Clippers?

That's not entirely true...

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1 hour ago, Conrad. said:

Sadly, no.


That's not entirely true...

Weren’t the Thunder going to flip the Wordmarks on their Icon/Association Uniforms? I remember hearing that a while ago...

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48 minutes ago, pepis21 said:


It's gonna be a stupid move.


I always assumed that they’d make the Icon uniforms the default home look when that happens, which makes sense. “Thunder” primarily at home, “Oklahoma City” (or “OKC”) on the road.

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44 minutes ago, JPDesign said:


I always assumed that they’d make the Icon uniforms the default home look when that happens, which makes sense. “Thunder” primarily at home, “Oklahoma City” (or “OKC”) on the road.

Well as it stands, white should worn at home, that’s why it says thunder, and the blue says Oklahoma City because it’s supposed to be worn on the road. Swapping them is dumb and backwards

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52 minutes ago, Shadojoker said:


Minnesota, how hard is it to incorporate "land of 1000 lakes" and "pine trees" into your identity???!! 


This logo is simple but beautiful. Add a "timberwolf" and voila. New logo is ok but lazy. Just saying 


It's too "corporate" for my liking. It needs some character like the Final Four logo. Especially more green.

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