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DietDrPepper vs The NFL (Tampa Bay Bucs)


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On 12/2/2019 at 2:53 AM, jn8 said:

As a Broncos fan, I like it! It’s a nice mix of the classic look with the modern colors. My only suggestion might be  to go with an orange collar on the blue jersey, but other than that I’d be happy if these were on the field next week!

I'm glad you like them!


Next up are Broncos divisional rivals; the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers!




It's a bit of a clean up of their current look. I also reverted back to navy as the primary shade of blue used because it's better than the powder. I did keep powder as an alternate option however.

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With all the talk about the Buccaneers upcoming changes, decided to throw together another Bucs concept. This one strays more way from any concept I've previously done for them. Focused more on finding a middle ground between the Superbowl set and the current set while also adding in new features. Tell me whatcha think!


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