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College Football 2019


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14 hours ago, WavePunter said:

I wasn't commenting on the existence (or lack thereof) of shiny pants fabric.. I was simply stating that I don't recall any major manufacturer specifically commenting on the impossibility of creating shiny high-performance pants

I think I meant to quote the post you quoted, but mistakenly quoted your response. Whoops. 🙂

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7 minutes ago, dont care said:

What does grey have to do with childhood illnesses?

It doesn't; it's a nod to former GT coach John Heisman's use of a practice team:


Onyx gray was chosen in part because of the color’s historical tie to legendary Georgia Tech football head coach John Heisman. Heisman was the first college football coach to enlist a practice squad to help the varsity team prepare for upcoming opponents, a unit which became known as the “Gray Devils.”


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28 minutes ago, WSU151 said:


It's a good look on the road. Didn't like the all blue. I like the retro-style big numbers on the back of the helmets. 

Agreed, the all-blue was a little too much. The blue/white/blue is much better, especially since the white jerseys have more green than blue on them to help balance everything out. And yeah, the retro-style big numbers are a nice touch to go along with the throwback TU logo.

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If you ever watch one of cookieboy's Madden Top 10 videos, you've seen something like Steelers-Raiders on the Lions' field or the like.  That's what Iowa State's black and white uniforms look like here.


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Video with some more looks at today’s Oregon combo:

I think this is easily their best combo of the season thus far. I really have no complaints whatsoever. I can’t wait to see these in action in person later today. 

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