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College Football 2019


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2 hours ago, wyopokes2 said:

I've done many concepts in my day. Happy to see one of them hit the field for the first time (although I am against numbers on side). Ribbon is for Pediatric Cancer Awareness and we will be honoring kids at the game.





Is that the number font the Mighty Ducks used in the 90s? (idk maybe it's a common font)




I mean, I really like the font. Not complaing. I doodle numbers when I'm bored in meetings and this is one of the fonts that I try to copy. 

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12 minutes ago, OOHolyShinodaOO said:


Looks like the new West Virginia uniforms has leaked. Gray alternate has returned and from the tweet (which seems to have been deleted) the all gold set is hidden behind the players in front.
Not a huge fan of gray, but it looks to me like the set as a whole is an upgrade.


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2 minutes ago, Jetlodge said:


I thought this was a late April Fools joke when I saw it. These might be in the running for worst alternate uniform ever.

I think Mississippi State's black faux-patriotism unis still beat this, but not by much

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I saw somebody call these the "Clemson Wolverines" and I think it feels that way because it essentially is a mashup of disjointed elements. The outline around that ugly paw rendering is so thin that you can hardly even see it. Pair that with a block M that's really too small and it just doesn't really work. 

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