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College Football 2019


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Michigan State Makes Statement With Neon Green-Accented Alternate Uniform

April 13, 2019 - 15:00 PM

As we first reported on Friday, Michigan State unveiled a neon green-accented alternate uniform ahead of its annual Spring Game on Saturday morning. The uniform — which will be worn during a night game this fall, presumably the matchup with […]


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Quite possibly one of the worst uniforms in college football history. 


One day college football teams will realize they don't actually wear uniforms in an 8x8 darkened studio room. Night game uniforms are usually just awful in practice. 

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New Baylor uniforms:

A bit too simplistic for them IMO, and pretty similar to the new Illinois and Iowa State sets from last year. These would’ve looked great with a stripe on the helmets and pants, but as is they just seem incomplete.

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17 minutes ago, Tracy MidGrady said:

Baylor got practice uniforms


TCU is next I assume

TCU introduced theirs already. I think I heard a few comparisons to Black Panther based on tye yokes. 

16 minutes ago, dont care said:

They need pants and helmet stripe and they’ll be good.

They could have moved the bear claw down too. 

7 minutes ago, TGroce said:

Nike is getting lazy with their "custom" fonts

These are cleaner than before so it's an improvement to me. 

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