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College Football 2019


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The Michigan State uniforms are really taking a beating on twitter. I just kept scrolling and didn't see one positive comment. Can't think of a uniform that has ever received this much negative reaction on social media from everyone. I'd be shocked if they ever see the field. 

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This is the kind of stuff that happens when you've literally run out of new innovative ideas and resort to recycling previously used ideas while passing them off as "new'.

This is also the problem with touting oneself as "innovators"...while true, the problem is when that innovation well runs dry, this is what happens.


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19 minutes ago, BellaSpurs said:

The neon green is one thing but Jesus Christ why is the “state” so big. It barely fits. Shouldn’t that be like a clue not to do it?

I actually feel the opposite. I think the giant "State" is kinda cool for a one off but doing it in neon green is insanity. That old bronze color would've made these more palatable. 

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