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College Football 2019


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On 7/2/2019 at 6:21 PM, pianoknight said:

The use of black is a MAJOR source of debate among Husker fans. Many are firmly in the Red-and-White Only camp, and it's hard to blame them given the classic look. Sure, there are some minor tweaks that might help, but overall, a simple stripe with two colors looks fantastic. 


Then there's the other side, which says that Black, while not an official school color, is definitely tied to at least the Huskers' starting defense. It's a big deal when a player earns their Blackshirt, and yes, they actually DO get a black practice jersey. Think of it as Ohio State's helmet stickers, only you can earn just a single one for all your achievements as a defender.


The rub with that second argument is that Black is a DEFENSIVE thing, and not a tradition associated with offense (or Spec. Teams). So it doesn't make sense for a WR to be wearing a black shirt since he's never gonna be a Blackshirt. 


Anyway, from an aesthetic point of view, I'd welcome a black alternate.

If it's an iteration of the blackshirts, could they perhaps tie the option for using the alternate in the following week with an outstanding performance by the defense the previous week? E.g. the defense doesn't allow any points against Northwestern, so the team can wear black jerseys the next week against Minnesota, etc. From an outsider's perspective, I knew that the blackshirt was an individual defensive honor, so I understand the trepidation with even allowing the offense to wear the jersey. But could a team performance-related thing make it more acceptable for those opposed to allowing the offense to wear black jerseys?

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On 7/2/2019 at 10:36 AM, kabbey520 said:

Confirmed 90’s Desert Swarm era throwback for Arizona. Likely to be worn on Homecoming 11/2 vs. Oregon State.



21 hours ago, TheOatsMustFlow said:

Should wear those vs Arizona State with ASU wearing Sparky lids 

Or better yet, both teams should just make those changes permanent.

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9 hours ago, benpc21 said:

This was posted on the Husky Nation group on Facebook. Its apparently from the Adidas Store at their Headquarters. Shows some more details we haven't seen yet.



Not perfect, but a HUGE improvement. Classy look, especially with gold (ok, goldish tan) pants. Goodbye to armpit spikes and unnecessary black elements. A-  from me. 

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On 7/1/2019 at 3:56 PM, aawagner011 said:

I thought we were expecting new Hogs uniforms this season, but it looks like that’s not the case.





Looks like this was indeed a troll by our equipment department as some suggested. Our AD spoke about new uniforms coming soon on a local radio show today and one of our equipment managers tweeted out the message below and confirmed to someone else that they’re just waiting on marketing to roll them out. 






And now the Razorback FB account just dropped this. 



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For a team that hasn't had much of a brand identity in my mind over the last decade, it makes sense to go back to the simple and iconic uniforms from the last time they were great! Even the bumper is the same. 


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5 minutes ago, jakgol said:

Woo Pig Sooners


That's exactly Arkansas' problem. They have a classic design, but they'v been switching up their uniforms too much lately that most fans associate that look with Oklahoma or even Indiana.  While I like the traditional look, I wouldn't mind seeing a white collar or cuff, etc.,just something different enough to separate them from a team that's only ~200 miles away, and in a bordering state.  


I swear, part of A&M joining the SEC was that they had to compete in the SEC Red/Maroon Division with Bama, MSU and Arkansas.

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Really hoping these are the standard uniforms for the Hogs and not just an alternate. Weird they wouldn’t include a white version in the reveal if these were a new, permanent set. With that being said, these are fantastic. The Hog on the sleeves is the best part, and it’s what the fan base wanted. They don’t play OU, so not sure why it matters if they look similar.


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Arkansas Razorbacks Unveil Throwback Football Uniform

July 9, 2019 - 19:12 PM

The Arkansas Razorbacks on Tuesday afternoon unveiled brand new uniforms that mimic those worn by the program during the Darren McFadden era (2005-07). The cardinal uniforms prominently displays “Arkansas” across the chest in an all-caps large block font, similar to […]


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Not a fan, personally. Fair or not, Arkansas will always look like bootleg Oklahoma in those uniforms. They were so close to perfection with these:




All they needed to do was change the razorback stripes on the shoulders from silver to black. Every actual change since then has been a downgrade.

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