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NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

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I thought the ball touched his arm... oh well. If that play ends up deciding the game, then maybe it's the refs making up for the godawful no call in the NFC Championship Game...


Oh, wait. Brady got picked.

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9 minutes ago, Brass said:


This has the hallmarks of a Patriots playoff loss. Easy points left on the board, failed conversions. Chiefs are capitalizing and playing a great game.


Agreed. And no matter how this season ends I think Edelman has to go. He's become a liability.


Tons of drops this year, tons of stupid penalties, generally making stupid plays.

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4 minutes ago, See Red said:

This league sucks.


That is roughing the passer?

You must have switched to CBS to avoid seeing the shaky hands of Terry Bradshaw post-game today. While he has talked about his six concussions while playing for the Steelers in 2008, and to foxsports.com in 2011, his right arm shaking is a tell of Parkinson's.  But I guess you still want that.  

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