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NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

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What a game. I know a lot of people are obviously and understandably upset with the result, but whoever won or whoever lost doesn't take away from the fact that it was a damn good game of professional football. The Chiefs and the Patriots played goddamn good football today and THIS game felt like the Super Bowl. The Chiefs will take over the Patriots throne in the AFC sooner rather than later. They're a very good football team and this will go down with Super Bowl XLII as the two best Patriots games I've ever seen.


Best of luck to the Rams fans here. Good to see guys like @rams80 enjoy their team in the big dance. Looking forward to a great game versus Los Angeles in two weeks!

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1 hour ago, Magic Dynasty said:

At least college OT would give the Chiefs a chance to tie it up again. NFL rules is just RNG - if you win the coin flip you win, if you lose the coin flip you lose.


For the record, the team that wins the overtime coin flip is still winning at a percentage of right around 60%.  Back before the change in rules from "sudden death" to "kinda sudden death" it was a little over 60%, and since the change, it's a little under 60%.


(At least that's what I just read in this newfangled google thing, but I guess you can't believe everything they say on the interwebs.)

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37 minutes ago, ninersdd said:

If they didn’t do it over Deflategate, they’re not doing it for a missed call. Certainly not to put New Orleans in over Los Angeles. 


All I want to come of this is a rule to make anything challengeable. It’s absurd that it isn’t that way already. Sean Payton should’ve been able to throw a red flag since the ref couldn’t be bothered to throw a yellow one. 


I should’ve just signed off on the NFL after XLIV. Nothing could ever beat that anyway. 

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