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Your favorite automobile logo.


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I love Maserati's trident logo, and after talking with my wife, l learned her favorite automotive logo is Lamborghini's (she is a Taurus, though.) What about you?

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19 minutes ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:

I think the most aesthelically pleasing R the Ford logo.

As a diehard Ford fan (l own two of them) l may agree. To me, the Ford logo is beautiful, and the blue oval has stood the test-of-time for almost 120 years. But that Maserati Trident says so much minus any text what so ever!!! 


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7 minutes ago, andrewharrington said:

Graphically, it’s this:




Typographically, it’s this:



I love Audi's logo!!! As an added bonus, they build beautiful cars😇

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Ford: I don't like how it's blue - it clashes against certain vehicle colors.  Also, the old-timey script clashes against modern looks.  It'd be nice if they could keep that as their corporate mark, but have a different one to actually apply on the vehicles.  Also I prefer "logos" that aren't literally the company's name.


Audi is solid.  Love it.


I rented an Opel in some country once.  Logo looked really nice on the car:




Also drove one of these - I think in Lyon.  Also liked the logo:




Among mainstream cars sold in the states, I like Subaru's logo a lot.  It was basically a tie breaker for me when I bought my last car... ironically right before I stopped driving.






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Audi is probably my favorite. I think the Buick logo is pretty cool too.




I'm a fan of the Ford logo too. It has a Coca-Cola type thing going on - it's old, but it's a classic. 



I'm surprised the bowtie hasn't shown up yet. Not one of my favorites, but I know a lot of people like it. 



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I loved the last iteration of the Oldsmobile rocket logo. Traditionally, the rocket was straight vertical. The new logo made it look like it was moving forward. Which, they didn't. GM just kept badge engineering them and were dead in 2004. 

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On 1/6/2019 at 5:23 PM, jmoe12 said:

My parents had Saturns when I was growing up, so I always liked this logo




I always thought the Saturn logo was a big ampersand that got cut off by the border.  


Best automotive logo nobody's heard of?  Arcimoto.  They are an electric car start up and the only electric vehicle company in the US that's publicly traded besides Tesla.  They make "FUVs" or Fun Utility Vehicles.  Wicked fun to drive.







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