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National Premier Soccer League redesign (Tulsa Athletic 1/6-6/14)


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On 1/9/2021 at 5:22 PM, squad said:

I remember Adriano going to play for Miami United.

Haha, no way!ūü§£¬†I thought he stopped playing in Brasil...


On 1/9/2021 at 1:54 PM, CMD3 said:

New York Athletic Club reminds me a lot of Olympiacos.

I designed the home kit thinking of Atletico Madrid, but now you mentioned it the laurel in the logo gives it major Olympiakos vibes.

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Naples United Football Club

Nickname: NUFC

Home field: Paradise Coast Sports Complex, Naples, FL

Founded: 2017

Titles: -


Logo: I tried to mix influences from Napoli roundel logo (the O.G. italian team) and reused the idea of the sailboat to convey the holiday paradise feel that is essentialy south Florida core business. i also tried to keep it as simple ad possible as their actual logo is way too busy.


Kit: For the home kit I decided to try a seaman stripes feel, linked to the boat on the logo, all in the traditional baby blue color. The away kit is actually inspired by the full ocean camo shirts that Napoli wears, that are in my humble opinion very ugly, but the use of the camo pattern only on the sleeves is a unique touch I can see very dear to an american fandom.






For reference the actual logo and kits:


Naples_United_FC_Logo.png DYv-6CGUMAAPcDQ.jpg 255002_14b.jpg

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Storm Football Club

Home field: Central Broward Stadium, Lauderhill, FL

Founded: 2013

Titles: -


Logo: I kept it simple, using the lightning bolt to symbolise the storm and the slanted shield is to give the logo a more dynamic feel.


Kit: the home kit uses the same lightning bolt patter of the logo, similar to some Stade Francais jerseys (yep, that's a rugby club). For the clash kit I went with a more traditional sash look in continuity with the team tradition.






For reference the actual logo and kits:





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Tulsa Athletic

Nicknames: A's, Foxes

Home field: Veterans Park, Tulsa, OK

Founded: 2013

Titles: 4 conference championships (2013, 2014, 2019)


Logo: I used their actual logo, that I really like, but changing the colors. I have nothing against pink on sport kits, but it has to have some sense and purpose, that was totally lacking when they decided to slap an highliter pink crest on a green and yellow jersey. I used the same colors in the Oakland A's scheme, playing on the team name.


Kit: the home kit follows on the baseball path, with a double yellow pinstripe pattern . The clash kit was inspired by a white kit worn by the team in the past.






For reference the actual logo and kits:


Tulsa_Athletic.PNG 200625143825-01-tulsa-athletic-team-larg standings.jpg

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  • Pulv! changed the title to National Premier Soccer League redesign (Tulsa Athletic 1/6-6/14)

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