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San Diego Padres 2020 Rebrand Discussion


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1 hour ago, axiom20xx said:


born & raised San Diegan. the 98 pinstripes are my favorite uniform the Padres have ever worn. was very bummed when orange was eliminated early on in the focus group process.


and @Teal, apparently the home uniform is a pinstripe uniform, which makes me very, very happy.

Great news. I'm guessing that's white?

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17 hours ago, bosrs1 said:


Tony’s dislike of brown has always been a prime reason I hate it. If one of the best baseball players of all time, who was an avowed student of the game, thought they looked like crap and disliked wearing them... they were crap.


16 hours ago, SilverBullet1929 said:

He was still just one person with one opinion. It's ok to disagree with Tony on this.


16 hours ago, larrypep said:


Assuming Tony ever disliked brown (a claim now thrown into serious doubt, if not wholly refuted), you have to remember that he only ever wore brown//yellow/orange and brown/orange.  He never wore the much, much better brown/yellow combo.

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