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San Diego Padres 2020 Rebrand Discussion


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Just now, daveindc said:


This is about as well as most people on these boards and Padres fans could hope for. There might be something small that shows up while in play, but so far I cannot see anything wrong with them (other than the Nike logo creep). I echo the sentiment that San Diego, ahem, knocked this one out of the park.

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As one who admittedly wasn't as excited about the return to brown as most, I think they look great. I think pinstripes on road jerseys are a bit of overkill for any team, but I can live with that (of course, I realize now that's the road alternate). I definitely wanted to see pinstripes with the homes, and they delivered on that. Some may complain about the brown and gold trim along with the pinstripes, but I think that gives the Padres something unique from the other MLB pinstriped uniforms, so I approve on that.

Mainly, it's a set with the right dash of color, and now when you come across a game or highlights, you know it's the Padres. We'll see how they look on the field, but for now, a definite thumbs-up IMO.


P.S. Loved owner Ron Fowler in the video presentation when he said that when they took over the club "we didn't really give much thought to the uniforms." Yeah, no kidding, Ron!

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Not sold on the pinstripes because with that sweet sleeve and color piping they might not "need" the piping.


And at first look the Padres wordmark seems so oversized compared to the other wordmark so its jarring, like if it's on caps lock. I wish it was smaller.


Besides that, great job. The shade of brown is splendid and I think the sand color works because it's not the yellowish tint of the first attempt at it. They do still give off the UPS vibe though. 

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1 minute ago, SilverBullet1929 said:

Wait the brown is the road primary? The other one is the alternate? Why? 

Because most other teams in baseball overuse their colored alternate jerseys on the road and the Padres just decided to be honest about it.

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