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2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

Dexter Morgan

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1 hour ago, Cosmic said:

Admiral is the Malkin of the boards... he can’t resist poking the bear, and the bear doesn’t seem to mind when he does.

Frinkiac memes are more of an affectionate scratch behind the ear of the bear.


1 hour ago, Dexter Morgan said:

It’s too bad I can’t ban people from posting in my thread 

I've offered critiques of designs and also made fun of every person in this race because this race and the people in it are ridiculous. There's not a lot of thoughtful criticism for a Michael Bennet logo no matter how much you may will it to be. <MOD EDIT: Name-calling not necessary.>

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9 minutes ago, the admiral said:

Frinkiac memes are more of an affectionate scratch behind the ear of the bear.

I’ll grant you that one.

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2 hours ago, Dexter Morgan said:






"Now you're running for President, Bullock?  Surely you are aware, righteous, preening monarch that you are, that we're nearly 4 years deep in a Trump ass- :censored: ing, and nary an eye from those Pinkerton c :censored: ksuckers is upon us, the humble folk of Deadwood, dittering across the :censored: ing thoroughfare, blissfully unaware of property rights, gold claims, and the legal consequences related to my :censored: ing knife."




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On 5/14/2019 at 6:27 AM, willmorris said:

You know, maybe (as a design note) it wasn't a good idea to put a big "N" over a black person.


So far, Biden's marketing has mostly been "Hey, I'm friends with the cool black guy."  He keeps calling Obama his buddy.  I'm getting such a low-key vibe from his materials, which can be argued either as being too casual or being different and approachable. 


Maybe take a page from Hasbro?



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