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2020 Election Logos/Branding Thread

Dexter Morgan

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30 minutes ago, Dexter Morgan said:

Bernie Sanders going with the same toothpaste logo from 2016.




I believe the blue is a biiiiiiit different this time. Here's from the 2020 website:






Also, I can't link to it, but the website is using a navy/grey with light blue scheme. Really interesting to see after 2016.




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25 minutes ago, Zeus89725 said:

Bernie's logo was really solid, and still is. One of the best in the field.


The serifs represent the need for all Americans to be on solid footing

The star represents what you hope to land among by shooting for the moon

The waves represent Sydney Ember hitpieces rolling off him like water off a duck's back

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The semicircle in the background represents Jay Inslee's campaign for president - the proverbial "bubble" about to be "burst".

The head serifs on the letterforms in his name symbolize the thumbs that voters will jerk through the air as they direct Inslee to "Get the fµ©k outta here."

The red underscoring the governor's name illustrates his most likely financial "bottom line" in the wake of inadequate campaign fundraising.    

The italicization of the tagline "Our Moment" connotes the speed with which Governor Inslee will end up exiting the presidential race.

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I'm partial to Harris's logo because it is so bright and different color-wise from traditional political material. Plus I love the concept of a design deliberately calculated to have an effect in a particular medium. 


Sort of like how some schemes translated really well from flannel to polyester while others required major tweaks.

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11 minutes ago, the admiral said:

One of my favorite color pairings. Looks really good.


But wow, another candidate. I think we're still missing favorite sons and daughters from Wisconsin, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Maine, Michigan, and Indiana. Gotta get on those. 

Pete Buttigieg (mayor of south bend) has Indiana covered 

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