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Oregon State football concept


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Where to begin... first of all, you need to pick a logo. I don't care for how the new beaver is in some places and the older beaver is in others. It almost makes it look like a complete thrown together mish-mash. I can't stand the beaver tail on the helmets, nor as pants striping, nor as a logo on the alternate jersey. The helmet logo should either be the cursive "Beavers," the current Beaver logo, or something that says "Oregon St." The font needs to be changed, because not only does the font not work, but it needs an outline or something. The jerseys need some sort of color as well, because the all black and all white just doesn't work. Then, get some decent pants striping, and use a better shade of orange, because that looks way too pale. Good attempt, but sorry, I have to...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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