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The Outdoor Hockey Association (Montreal, Toronto, Saskatchewan, Halifax)


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On 1/24/2019 at 5:36 PM, 9innings said:

Our tour of the OHA franchises will happen two teams at a time.  The pairings are random.  There is a 9 year history that will be unveiled a little later.  Like I said yesterday, I tried to pick color schemes and identities that are unique to the city.  95% of the logos are my own.  For the 5%, I will make sure to credit the artist or whoever.  


Here we go, welcome again to the OHA.  

First up is Boston and Seattle






I recognize that logo from your football series. The Kraken was it?

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The OHA proudly represents the beautiful country of Canada from coast to coast.  Therefore this installment we present the Vancouver Cavemen and the Saint John Darts.  





The Cavemen idea was originally a fantasy hockey concept that I had for one of my personal fantasy teams.  I am a Flyers fan, hence the orange and black.  



The decision was between the Tides and the Darts.  The Darts gave me an opportunity to practice making a skull-pirate logo.  



Tomorrow we will head back to the USA.

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Just read through this thread. Fantastic job! I love the concept of the league and I also love how more whimsical the logos are. Keep it up. The Cavemen are one of my favorites so far! 


10 minutes ago, Section30 said:

Love the name, colors and uniforms for the Giants, but I can't get over there not being a space between the legs, it just looks off to me.


I agree. I'd use one big tree instead of two to create negative space between the legs. 

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Guest darkpiranha
1 hour ago, RoughRiders99 said:

I agree. I'd use one big tree instead of two to create negative space between the legs. 

Agree agree.  But if you do keep the two trees, I'd be curious to see what it looks like to replace the stripes on the socks with trees on the side.

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We are over half way through the franchises of the OHA.  After we meet all of the teams, I will briefly shed light on some of the players, story and moments from the OHA's first nine seasons.  At the conclusion I will unveil some fun event logos such as the 2019 Draft, 2019 Indoor Classic and 2019 Challenger's Cup.


As for today, you will probably sense a collegiate feel to these two franchises. 




I was looking for a New York Rangers type name that is generic, simple, yet unique.  Chicago, being such a classic hockey town needed to have a classic look.  To go with a western vibe the Marshals sport gold and deep red.  The look is inspired by the Boston College hockey program's.  The logo is inspired by an old time Marshal's badge.




This is probably the one team that I do not have a thoroughly researched rationale for its name.  The Jaguar moniker was stolen from the short list of names the Devils considered when they were moving from Colorado.  The logo is heavily based off of a royalty free logo that I found.  The look is based off of North Dakota's look.  It was one of my favorite all time looks.  Man, I love college hockey uniforms the best!


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Sorry everyone for the delay, had a few professional projects that started taking up a lot of time.  To make up for it, I am presenting 4 of our Canadian franchises today.  I have also taken some of your notes into account and am brainstorming future adjustments.  After tonight, we have 5 clubs remaining.  Then I will roll out the 2009 season.  




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Saints have some nicely clever elements (the wings, the halo). No complaints here! Only thing I'd point out is for the French language wordmark it's critical you include the accent in Montréal.


For Toronto, the outline of the leaf gets lost on the blue sweater, did you try a white outline (even if just for the crest logo)?

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