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Kalamazoo Wings ECHL Concept


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Hey all, longtime lurker but relatively new to posting on these forums. I figured I'd add a concept or two I made last year for the Kalamazoo Wings' Fan Design Jersey contest. The contest was to design a winter-themed jersey for a one-off game using your own custom logos. This first jersey set was my actual entry and it didn't make it far into the contest, but I created a home and away set for the team while I was at it just for fun. I like the current set Kalamazoo uses, but wanted to change it up a bit with a northern-themed color scheme, which eliminates the red and introduces a new shade of light blue. The dark set is my personal favorite.


First off we've got two logos, which I found to be pretty interchangeable as shoulder patches and main crests. 






Then the actual contest entry:




And a light/dark set that would probably stand better as a permanent set.






Any C&C is appreciated, I know this design is far from perfect but I'd like to know what you guys think.

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