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MLB Changes 2020


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9 minutes ago, Digby said:

I legitimately burst out laughing at the Baltimore hat. It looks like a 3-year-old endearingly, but terribly, drawing the logo.

That's definitely the worst of the bunch (a high bar, too).  


The cap logo mashup includes two squatchees for crying out loud!

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2 hours ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:



Who in their right mind is buying this?  Only way I'd buy it would be if I was supporting a loved one who designed it.  This is absolute dog s

The proper way to support a loved one who designed this wouldn’t be to buy a replica, it would be to hold an intervention. Don’t be an enabler

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As someone who collects hats, part of me is happy to see this blowing up in New Era’s face. They really are a company that has taken their employees and customers for granted. The closure of the Buffalo plant, the drop in quality, and now the 2nd terrible ST/BP line in 3 years. These won’t sell just like the 2018 line didn’t sell, and New Era deserves every bit of it. 

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