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MLB Changes 2020


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Those hats are collectively awful.  What's worse than those hats is that they want $41 for a 5950.  However, there's always some schmuck who'd buy one...but it won't be me.


Congratulations New Era for curing me of my hat buying habit.  Whatever will I do with all the money I save this year instead of using it for your awful product.

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8 hours ago, MattMill said:





Sigh. The Giants designs always frustrate me to no end. They’re either a TOTAL disaster (Orange BP caps with a black SF and a tan outline 😵), or they’re so stupidly close to being great, but they botch one small element that totally ruins the entire look.  This is the ultimate example of the second case. Just change the white stitching to black, FFS. Then you have a cap that’s got a bit of understated flair and adds another element that works really well, has a bit of a nod to history, (Bonds single season record) which you could even pair with that weird black alt. But, nope. They go and add white, when they haven’t worn white uniforms in over twenty years 😑

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5 hours ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:



Who in their right mind is buying this?  Only way I'd buy it would be if I was supporting a loved one who designed it.  This is absolute dog s

spongebob squarepants no GIF

The only good ones of the whole ST caps are Toronto, Detroit, Houston, Colorado, Arizona, and Of course, Minnesota.

That Orioles cap is absolutely the worst of these awful caps. I’ll never buy that monstrosity. Ever. Same as the rest.

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Interestingly, the better caps aren't quite straight copy and pastes. There's a bit more leeway on a few. 


Astros. the logo they show on the side doesn't match up with the color scheme on the front of the cap


Tigers. They sort of went with a zoomed in tiger stripe pattern.


Twins. They used their state outline from their alternate and didn't use those cartoon baseball guys. I was expecting a TC with a barely visible handshake. 




Sometimes less is more. I'm surprised they were able to do that. 



Now the laziest and worst are the scripts. Congrats to Oakland, Philadelphia, and Cleveland. 


Four of the red caps were allowed to use a red background to their respective red dominant logos, so it sort of creates some unity. 


The majority had no real thought process. 


They should've just used the side patch as their main Front logo and they wouldn't need to put it in two spots (per MLB/new era rules)

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^marlins too. 


they literally used the same marlin and placed him just inside of the other marlin, but you now get those weird M lines inside of the second marlin. It’s blowing my mind how badly thought out these were. Yet we see a sportslogos interview on the front page and they’re calling it a joint effort and really cool. How far out of reality are these higher ups?


they say fashion and custom caps are really in. Is this their best try at it? We know about the players weekend. So I think this is along the same lines. 

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Yeah, those spring training caps are bad, especially for my two favorite teams, the Angels and the Padres. I go to Arizona every spring to see some games and try to get a couple new caps, because they're always a bit different from the regular caps, but I'm not buying any of these. The only ones that are passable are the Twins and Blue Jays, but that's it.

The Clubhouse caps for the Angels and Padres look pretty good, however. I might try to pick those up.

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