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NHL changes 2019-20

BJ Sands

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I know Winter Classic jerseys have been far more traditional than Stadium series jerseys, and it's only a t-shirt, but why do I have a bad feeling that Dallas could end up with something similar to the Oilers new third and Pittsburgh/Philadelphia stadium jersey from last year.

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22 hours ago, KittSmith_95 said:

Happy that the Stars went the Texans route. 

Now let's hope Nashville has the same sense and goes with the Dixie Flyers for inspiration. 


The colors are already there...




There are several different ways they can create a really awesome Predators Dixie Flyers tribute jersey.


It needs a good solid execution. But I think this could be a script uniform that has potential.

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Not gonna lie, that's actually really nice-looking. I figured they'd probably do a fauxback-styled Smilodon logo should they go for a Dixie Flyers-inspired look for the WC, and this one absolutely nails that vintage aesthetic. If the Preds were a O6 or Expansion-era team, I would absolutely see them coming up with something like this for their logo.


The script on the hat basically confirms that the WC jersey itself is going to be a Dixie Flyers homage.

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I really like the Preds logo. It has that vintage Midwest high school feel to it, while still looking like a good base for an update to their current. 


Im guessing it will be forward facing on each shoulder, seeing as how they have shown it facing left and right. 


To be honest, I did not think of the old Bruins logo. I can see how others are connecting the two but it’s not popping out as something obvious to me. Perhaps it was used as inspiration?  Reminds me more of Battle Cat from He-Man. 


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On 9/25/2019 at 7:30 PM, Sodboy13 said:

We're in season three of Adidas and I still haven't seen a white Florida Panthers jersey for sale anywhere.


I'm a bit late to this, but I've just spotted it on the NHL International shop. Don't know if the link will work or if you can even import it, but for some reason it's on sale for £98 (down from the normal price of £155) unlike the red version.

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